Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This is why

I didn't want to get engaged until I was ready to get married. Because I'm already looking at dresses and worrying about crap when I'm not even engaged. What is wrong with me???? Although, I'm finding some very pretty dresses. My parents won't pay for a second wedding, but said if they like the guy, they might pay for the dress. I think that's fair. I need to call them and find out how much that is. And, if my sister gets married next year too, I might not get the dress. Oh well, we'll figure something out.

Yesterday, yesterday was my day to teach. YAY!!!! Not. I got to my office yesterday and my two favorite office-mates were there. We sat and talked for a couple of hours (ok, maybe only and hour and a half), but we got on the subject of blogs and then we started swapping blog pages. So, HI to my new readers!!!! You know who you are. And I should mention, these are the coolest girls ever. We laugh a lot, which is very important as a grad student. Speaking of grad students; I think I crushed Sean's spirit yesterday. He's a Russian historian and he's a fifth year, without his MA, which means he's lucky they still let him enroll. (it should take three years at the longest). Yesterday, he told me, sadly, that he thought he was going to finish his thesis. I asked him why he was so sad about this. He told me he had had such hopes and dreams for his thesis, but now, he was just going to finish it without it being the work of art he wanted it to be. Instead of being understanding, I blurted out: Welcome to life!

Classes went well yesterday for the most part. I think I mentioned earlier that in one section four people signed up for the wrong stuff for presentations. I sent out an e-mail immediately, and two people responded to that, leaving two people who didn't. On Monday, right after I spilled my 32 ounce mug of tea everywhere, I announced that if they had signed up for the wrong stuff, to see me. No one did. Yesterday in section, I announced that there were at least 2 people who were signed up for the wrong stuff, and to see me or, GET A ZERO ON THEIR PRESENTATION GRADE. Wanna guess how many people saw me after class? Well, you're wrong. NO ONE DID! So now, I'm probably going to have to deal with pissed off students later in the semester. Oh well. What did they want, me to come to their houses and do the presentation for them? They're adults and seniors and they need to pay attention.

I'm so excited, I'm going swimming today. And also, I get to see Wes in a week.
have a great one,

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minnie said...

you're twitterpated! i'm so happy for you girl! and a lil jealous that you get to see wes so soon! (but in a good way.) i haven't seen surfer boy since 8/28. hope i get to see him this weekend.