Saturday, June 04, 2011

Fly away

I'd love to be telling you about all the neat stuff going on here. There's a ton of stuff. We've got bluebirds in our box and they have 4 eggs. We have a great garden going. Wes is taking the month of June off, so we've been going to the zoo and stuff like that. It's all good.

These radishes are delicious!
The Navy Bean won't eat them though,
she's says they're too "sour."

But, this post is going to be about how the Navy Bean was almost killed in a freak wind storm.
In order to keep my sanity, we got the Navy Bean a swingset. Before it got hotter than hell here, we were probably outside for 3 hours every day. She LOVED her playset. We loved her playset. The playset was all good.

Then, one day we were outside, and in less than 10 minutes, the sky went from sunny with no clouds to pitch black. The Navy Bean was in the fort part of her playset, and as Wes and I were heading to get her and take her inside, a freak wall of wind, (about 70 miles an hour) picked the playset up, took it straight into the air and dropped in down. With the Navy Bean in it. We were terrified and screaming and she was screaming. Those were probably the worst moments of my life. Go back and look at the picture of the playset. Look at what is around it and behind it. Yeah, nothing but ground that is as hard as concrete.

The back wall of the fort is a tarp. Thankfully, she was pushed into the tarp and didn't hit her head of any of the wood. She came down on a very small shrub. Pretty much the only shrub in the yard. She walked away with 2 quarter size bruises and that was it. Oh, and a fear of wind (but only in our yard, everywhere else she is fine).

The Navy Bean showing you how big she is in comparison to the shrub she landed on.

She is fine. She was back outside within two hours, lamenting the fact that her playset was broken. Wes has fixed it, but now it's so hot we don't go out much. And she's afraid of the wind.

But she does talk about it. "Big, big storm and big, big wind come. They take playset up, up, up and throw it down to the ground! Navy Bean go up, up, up and then down to the ground. I really scared. But I okay now. God keep me safe. Storm go away. I no scared anymore."

Thank God he did keep her safe.
I don't think I could live without seeing this face everyday.