Monday, December 06, 2010

Stop the rocking

So, the vertigo attack happened on Oct. 21st. I'm still not normal. I am home, by myself. I can drive. I can cook. I cannot handle stores (good thing we're doing Christmas in mid-Jan.). Lots of movement makes me dizzy and tired. But, I can take care of the Navy Bean, even if it means way more TV than I would like. I spent three weeks in Texas. It was a good trip. And then my father-in-law drove us home, and stayed for a week.

I had my ENT appointment today. They think it was just a very strong (and pissed off) viral attack to my right ear. They are going to do a MRI just to make sure I don't have a tumor, but they seriously doubt it (they just want me to remove all my earrings again). And, not related to the vertigo, I am apparently mildly deaf in both ears. Now I actually have an excuse when Wes asks why I can't hear him.

I feel like this has derailed a lot of things I was trying to do, but it also make the deployment go by a lot faster. Still, it would be nice to be back to normal.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Falling into vertigo

I was going to tell you about all the projects I have going on: the new plants, the paint I bought, the stuff I'm making for the Navy Bean's birthday. But then, I ended up lying on my kitchen floor for an hour and half, in my own vomit, trying to get the Navy Bean to get my purse so I could call someone. The neighbors broke in through the open kitchen windows, called 911, took care of the Navy Bean for 2 days, while I was in the hospital. My mom came out and today, my parents are driving us to Texas. Vertigo. It's no laughing matter. I could take care of myself. I still can't drive, but I have neighbors who could do that for me. But, I cannot take care of a very active (almost) 2 year old. So, to Texas I go, for about 3 weeks. That's how long the doctor said it may take. I hope it doesn't take that long, but right now, I would believe it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This post was supposed to be written from Greece (#3) where I was going to visit Wes, with the Navy Bean. His ship is in port for a full week and we were going to take a military flight to get there ($20 a person). It is October, so we were assured that we should be able to get a seat, no problem. See, it works in order of importance: military personnel with orders (and their families, if they're being transferred), military personnel on leave, spouses with military personnel on leave, unattended spouses and families (that would be me), and then retirees. Usually, this flight wouldn't be that busy because there wouldn't be families trying to fly overseas for Christmas or whatever. However, a bunch (20 or so) of army guys with orders showed up the afternoon we were trying to leave. I was number 8 (and 9 for the Navy Bean) on the waiting list. Only three people on the waiting list got on the plane. Stupid Army. I just keep reminding myself that those Army guys were probably going somewhere most of us don't want to be. But, since the flight only leaves once a week, it meant we wouldn't get to see Wes. Sucks ass.

If you have to suck ass, it might as well be a cute one!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sad state

I have been working on a good post, but it'll take away. So this week, instead of something funny, we'll be talking about foreclosures. How fun!

We bought our house a year ago. I love my house. It is truly our dream house. It is in a great, small neighborhood. Only 42 lots. The lots are big. There's a pond. The neighbors are AWESOME. I really love it here. We had the house built for us, as did about half the people who live here. The other half bought houses that were already built, but not finished, allowing them to customize the inside.

This community was begun in 2006, so it's only been here for about 4 years. But, the first houses were built, and sold, during the height of the housing bubble. There is one house that has less upgrades than ours, approximately $5000 less in upgrades, according to our pricing sheet, but they paid $20,000 more for their house. There's another that had about $12,000 more in upgrades than our house (again, according to the price list we were given) but they paid about $60,000 more than we did. Likewise, several houses that were built and then sold just this year sold for about $20,000 less than our house. (I want to add that I've been in several of the houses that have the same floor plan as ours, and I like mine the best!) Some of the neighbors are bitter about this, but hey, that's the housing market. They're very bitter that one family ended up selling their house at a short sale, thus "ruining" the price of the rest of the neighborhood. We plan on being here for 10 years, so we don't really care that much.

But like I said, this neighborhood has only been here for about 4 years. When I got back from Texas, I noticed that one of the houses looked like it was empty. This was a little odd, as the house had never had a "for sale" sign out front and the owner's had planted 10 trees this past spring (they all look dead now). I talked to other neighbors, and nobody knew what had happened, we all just knew the house was empty (we didn't know them). Yesterday I drove by and there were several brightly colored pieces of paper stuck to the windows and a special lock on the door. I didn't go and read the papers, but I'm assuming the house has been foreclosed on. I'm sure some of our neighbors will be pissed that this will further reduce the value of our houses, but it just makes me sad. What happened? Why didn't they try to sell the house? Why did they plant all those trees if they knew they were having problems? (Yes, the planting of the trees really bothers me!) I hope the best for the family. I hope they found someplace safe for their family. I hope that whatever caused their financial problems is soon rectified. I hope they're okay.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Better get on that

I just went over my 101 things list and it's looking kind of pathetic. I was really hoping to get a lot of the bird-watching one done at the end of Sep. beginning of Oct. because that's when fall migration is really going strong. That way, I could increase my bird count (#24) while visiting a bunch of new bird places (#7-#22). However, I believe Noah just set up shop in my backyard swamp and it's supposed to continue raining for about another week (not quite 40 days, but it's starting to feel like it, especially with the Navy Bean going stir crazy). I had been really good about calling non-family members once a month (#89), but I just realized it's the last day of Sep. and I haven't called anyone. The person I was going to call just posted on facebook that she's at the zoo with her daughter's kindergarten class. I guess it's a good think I have more than one friend! And we had a play date in Aug. (#91), but we didn't have one for Sep. But, I didn't state it had to be consecutive months, so I going to say that's OK.

I have renewed my passport (#5) and I plan on using it soon. But I can't really talk about that now (highly classified secret Navy stuff). Let's just say I am reading a new bird book. I was starting to read on a regular basis (#42-#49), but then, it happened. I got to an old favorite and realized I couldn't read it. Not because it wasn't as good as I remembered it, but because the print was too small. Someone shrunk the print in many of my books. I do have reading glasses, but they give me a headache if I wear them too long. This has discouraged me, but I need to just get over it!

As to the food: I tried the Greek restaurant (#38) and it sucked. But, I did find a recipe for perozhkis (#35) and it was great! The recipe made them appetizers and the ones I wanted were bigger, so I'll just fix that next time I made them.

I actually started a new afghan yesterday, but then the Navy Bean found it today and unravelled most of it. I'll just start it again tonight. Mostly I've just been working on playing Dragon Age (#95-96). But, I've been feeling way too lazy because of this, so it's time to get my butt in gear and get some of these things done!

Friday, September 24, 2010

My boring self

I'd love to be able to tell you that I've been gone doing interesting stuff, but that's not true. The Navy Bean is going through a phase where I have to spend EVERY SINGLE MINUTE paying attention to her, which makes blogging a tad bit difficult. I know I could blog once she goes to bed, but by then I'm exhausted and I want to do something fun, like play Dragon Age and try to seduce my companions (you should try it: guilt free casual sex).

I am planning something interesting, but I won't be able to talk about it for a month. I know, I'm such a tease.

Now, I will leave you with an IQ story (because those are so much fun). IQ Jr. is doing massive amounts of therapy, both physical and speech (among other things). He is not developing as quickly as he should. They should be grateful that Mr. IQ is in the Navy, because insurance is paying for everything (yes, your tax dollars are being spent to help a child who probably wouldn't have issues if IQ didn't ignore him all the time). Anyway, they recently bought a house, a pretty nice one, I should add. When I went to see it, I asked why the dining room had crayon all over the walls (every, single, wall). IQ replied that she had been unpacking upstairs and left IQ Jr. downstairs. First, why are you leaving a 2 year old on a different floor (only acceptable for short periods of time, or if he's sleeping), second, the stairs were open in the back, meaning he could have fallen through if he had tried to climb up, third, he was in the room next to the kitchen and fireplace. Let's not even think about what could have happened there. So, yes, IQ's mothering skills still suck.

And, in other IQ news, she has decided she will not have sex with her husband until she loses weight. Apparently her head starts shaking when they have sex. Now, I have no idea what that has to do with her weight (and yes, she does need to lose weight), but, since I once asked my husband if both IQ and Mr. IQ put bag over their heads when they have sex, I'm not really sure if I should feel bad for Mr. IQ or not.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm back

I was in Texas, visiting the family for two weeks. I have been home for a week, but boy, things were crazy here. The Navy Bean had/has sleep issues, and the lawn needed to be mowed, the house cleaned, groceries bought, and I'm on the committee for the moms' group that started again yesterday. The trip was good. I got to go out with Camille, without the Navy Bean, and we had margaritas and a great time. I had lunch with an old boyfriend, and had to laugh when he said his only regret about us was that we never slept together. Um, isn't that the regret of every man towards every woman he has ever met in his entire life who has not slept with him? But it was great seeing him again and we had a great (if short, stupid weather/traffic) time. The Navy Bean was still afraid of my brother, but eventually warmed up to him and gave him a kiss. My brother has lost more than 35 lbs and he looks AWESOME! I'm very proud of him.

But, this is by far the most exciting thing going on around here:
look closely. There's pee in that potty chair!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prodigal IUD

I had a Doctor's appointment yesterday to locate my prodigal IUD. Turns out, since the strings were super short, they had just gotten pushed up where I couldn't find them. So everything is OK!!!! I'm still making Wes get fixed when he gets home.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Cornhole games

Most of you know that I spent much of my life living in Dallas, TX. It's kind of the south, but not really, more southwest. People have strange twangs, but not true southern accents (ok, some of them have ridiculous accents, but that's another post). They eat a lot of fried food, they love their beer and country music, a lot of them are racists. But, until I moved to Virginia, I did not realize that Texas was not truly south. I love Virginia, but whew boy! Half the time I'm not sure what language the natives are speaking (these would be the same people that spout off "learn English" to anyone who doesn't look, or sound, American). The country music is worse, the racism, not as bad as I expected, the bar-b-que, worth dying for. But, the biggest surprise is their love of cornhole.

Go ahead and look puzzled while trying not to giggle like a 12 year old boy. Apparently cornhole is a very, VERY popular game. You try to throw bags, filled with corn, through a hole in a board. Hence the name, cornhole. I guess some people have tried to change the name (why? why would you want to do that?) but it hasn't taken (what's wrong with beanbags?). The first time we heard about it was an article in the paper. Wes read the headline, "Cornhole is a favorite" and said, "cornhole IS great!" I don't think he actually read the article. Ahem! During this summer, cornhole has been EVERYWHERE. On the radio (come down and play cornhole with us!), in the paper (come down and play cornhole with us!) and in the neighbors yards (come over and play cornhole with us!)! And every single time, I have to fight not to giggle like a 12 year old boy. (This reminds me of when my very virginal sister was about to get married and we were at lunch with our mom when my sister asked if Christians were allowed to be freaky in bed. My mom and I kind of looked at each other and asked what she meant by freaky. She said, "oral sex" and then my mom and I tried not to die laughing, because neither one of us consider that freaky (if you ever meet my mom, pretend you don't know that about her) and said that was fine. Boy, my sister would be embarrassed if she knew about my husband's love of "cornhole." And this writing is a perfect example of why my advisor thought I would never be able to write a dissertation.) Anyway, I have yet to play a game of cornhole, even though I know at least two of our neighbors own the game. I guess I just think your cornhole games should be private.

Friday, August 06, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I hate blogspot? I tried to copy and paste my 101 things list, from my blogspot post, and it won't let me. It's already in blogspot!!!! Why can't I use it again??? Also, blogspot refuses to show me the word verification, so I can't comment on my own posts, or anyone elses who uses blogspot. This is when I wish I knew a little bit more about tech stuff. I find it ironic that spellcheck on blogspot does not recognize the word blogspot.

Anyway. I have been doing stuff on my list. Let's review:

1. Update my blog once a week. I'm pretty sure, that no matter how boring, I have been doing this.
2. Update Navy Bean's blog twice a week. I have also done this.
4. Renew my passport. Went out in the mail this morning.
29. Make one vegetarian meal a week for 6 months. I've actually been making two a week. So there!
39. Get a library card. Did that on July 24, 2010
40. Use said library card twice. Done and done. Although, I certainly plan on using it more than twice, especially with all the books I plan on reading.
43. Read something by Dan Brown. I've read both Angels and Demons, and The DaVinci Code.
44. Read 50 books. I've read two and started another two.
65. Put calendar on dry erase board every month. It's been done within the first week of each month.
66. Take care of mail every Tues. OK, the point of this was to help me take care of the mail more than once a month. It is now getting done every week, but not necessarily on Tues. Good enough.
72. Organize my yarn. Done July 18, 2010.
89. Call a friend once a month for 6 months. Did that for July, but not for Aug. yet.
99. Send Wes 2 care packages while he's deployed: First one sent July 27, 2010. He still hasn't received it.
100. Find a babysitter. Well, I did have one, but since I asked her TUESDAY if she could come sometime this week and she told me she would call me back and it's FRIDAY, I think I need to keep looking.

So, I have completed four of the 101, and I'm working on ten. I'm happy with how things are going. I love that this list keeps me motivated and reminds me that I have things to do, other than clean and take care of the Navy Bean. I'm already thinking of things for my next 101 list and I'm even thinking of doing some mini-things, like 3 things in 30 days. I know, I know, my life is just too exciting!

Monday, August 02, 2010


Since it was the first yesterday, I wanted to go over my 101 list and see how it looks. But, since I'm sleep deprived, I can't even find my list right now. Apparently, a certain Navy Bean is having some serious separation anxiety issues, but they only show up at night. So, for the past 5 days, I've had a Bean in bed with me. Do you know how much a little Bean can move? Too much! So I'm tired and I'm trying to figure out what to do. I have a feeling it's just a normal phase (with added stress from daddy being gone) and everything will be fine in a week or two. By then, though, I'll be a zombie!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TMI!!!!! TMI!!!!!

Otherwise known as: The case of the missing IUD
After the Navy Bean was born, Wes wanted to get a vasectomy, but I wanted him to wait until she was two, just in case we decided we wanted another one. I tried going back on the pill, but since I was breastfeeding, it was too difficult, so I got an IUD. It seemed to be working just fine, with a few minor issues, but those were taken care of. For those of you who don't know about IUDs, you are supposed to check to make sure they are in place after you have your period. Apparently, when your uterus "opens" up, they can fall out. Since I breastfed the Navy Bean until she was 17 months old, I've only recently started having periods again (two and a half years without a period, why wouldn't you breastfeed?). Anyway, the IUD has "strings" on it, but they really feel more like fishing line, and that's what you're supposed to feel for. I used to check a couple times a month, but now I just check after my period. I started my last period two weeks before Wes left for deployment. I know I checked for my IUD after that. At least, I think I did. All I know is that a couple of days after Wes left, I checked for it, and couldn't find it. Well, maybe the strings got wound up, or something. Checked the next day, nothing. The day after that, nothing. Now, based on the schedule of when Wes left, I figured I was okay, but I was still a little nervous. I am happy to report that I am NOT pregnant!!!!! YAY!!!!! And there was much rejoicing!!!! But now, I know for sure that I don't want another baby. When Wes gets back, he will get that vasectomy.
Some people have asked why I don't get taken care of, but the truth is, I'm just not ready for that. I mean, Wes is in the military, so there is always (God forbid) the chance that something could happen to him. And if that happened, who's to say I wouldn't end up with Magnus Scheving and then maybe we'd want to have a baby together? Stranger things have happened. Like an IUD gone missing.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden delights

We love to bird watch and we have five bird feeders that we keep pretty well stocked. That gets pretty expensive. So we planted a flower garden, the kind the birds could eat.

Not all the flowers came up. Our soil is clay and it's really hard to get stuff to grow. And I forgot to fertilize, so our six rows of sunflowers are a little short. Next year we're going to till deeper and add more top soil.

But our zinnias are growing just fine. We planted petites and regular zinnias. I have seen American Goldfinches eating them, and I have seen a Ruby-throated Hummingbird eating from them as well.

I have also seem five different types of butterflies out there and I know nothing about butterflies. I should get a book about them, or something. Even the birds who don't eat flowers love our garden, because it provides shade and cover.

It also provides the Navy Bean something to smell!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Work that list

Much of my list consists of organization.
That's because, with the Navy Bean,
stuff gets all a mess.
I know it doesn't take long to take care of stuff,
but it feels like a lot of stuff,
gets overwhelming, and then, nothing gets down,
the house becomes a mess and I get depressed.
But, when I finally clean and organize,
I feel better and actually have more free time.
This is all my yarn.
Notice my highly sophisticated and chic storage compartments.

This is my storage area.
Yeah, a little small.

I finally cleaned it up yesterday.
It took about a half hour.
Eventually I would love to have something nicer to store it all in,
something I can keep in the living room.
But for now, the closet it is.
And, as you can see,
there's a reason one of my other 101 things is to crochet
a certain amount of afghans.
On another note, with Wes gone, cooking is more difficult.
When it was just me, it wasn't that big of a deal if I ate crappy.
But now, with the Navy Bean,
it's important to eat healthy,
thus the vegetarian meals.
I made a frittata this week.
It was yummy, with asparagus and broccoli.
It needed a little spice though.
But, I burned my arm on the pan handle,
after I took it out of the oven.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad timing

Enjoy this picture of the Navy Bean.
It's much more interesting than what I wrote.

So, I should have thought this through a little bit more. What was I thinking, trying to start this the same week Wes left for a 6 month deployment and the Navy Bean was sick?!? There are a few things I will probably have to change, like sending Wes 5 care packages while he's deployed. Apparently, I would have had to send the first one before he actually left, and he would have received the last one pretty much after they were home, in order to do that one. It's my list and I can tweek it if I want.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Here's the list

I'm not sure what he did, but my husband was able to fix the copy and paste issue. Yay Wes.
So, here's my list. I broke things up into categories to help my scatterbrained self. And I should add, I stole this from Beth (see sidebar because I'm so tech incompetent that I don't know how to link from here).

101 things in 1001 days, started July 1, 2010, end March 28, 2013

1. update my blog once a week
2. update Navy Bean's blog twice a week

3. visit Italy
4. go to New York city
5. renew my passport
6. visit a place of historical significance in VA

7. go to Eastern Shore for fall migration
8. do a tour of fisherman's island
9. go to Jericho's ditch (Great Dismal Swamp) during spring migration
10. go to First Landing State Park for migration
11. go to back bay for fall migration
12. go to false cape park during the spring
13. go to stumpy lake
14. go to ragged island wildlife management area
15. go to craney island landfill
16. go to the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel islands
17. go birding in Virginia's mountains
18. go to one birding festival
19. go to one Audubon event
20. go to Indian River park
21. go to Northwest river park
22. go to Deep Creek Lock park
23. find out how to get a backyard habitat certificate
24. add 75 new birds to my list (currently at 141)
25. do the "owl prowl"
26. go on a pelagic trip

27. make a banana cream pie
28. make a lemon meringue pie
29. make 1 vegetarian meal a week for 6 months
30. learn to make pad Thai
31. find a kickin' beer bread recipe
32. find a tofu recipe I really like
33. learn to make one Indian recipe
34. learn to make crepes
35. learn to make those Russian things I love but can't remember the name of
36. make my own salsa (with my own veggies)
37. find a Thai restaurant I like
38. try the Greek restaurant

39. get a library card
40. use said library card at least twice
41. take Navy Bean to the library once a month for 6 months
42. read something by Stephen King
43. read something by Dan Brown: Angels and Demons, 7/1/10
44. read 50 books
45. read a history book about every continent
46. read a literature book by an author from every continent
47. read the New Testament
48. read the Old Testament
49. study the book of James
50. write a children's bird book
51. write a mom's devotional book

52. crochet 12 baby afghans
53. crochet 3 lap afghan
54. sew master bath curtains
55. make Navy Bean a twin size quilt
56. make curtain for the downstairs bathroom

57. plant a vegetable garden
58. landscape the front yard
59. paint one room without Wes's help
60. paint the guest bath
61. paint the water closet in the master bath
62. start composting
63. get a successful flower garden in the backyard
64. paint the bottom of the bar in living room

65. put calendar on dry erase board every month
66. take care of mail every Tues.
67. tag all the pictures on my computer
68. go to bed every night for a week with the dishes clean
69. organize play room bookshelves
70. e-mail people back within two weeks for 6 months
71. take care of e-mail immediately for 2 weeks (instead of once a month)
72. organize my yarn
73. organize my material
74. organize my tupper-ware cabinet

75. buy a bike
76. ride said bike
77. dance with Navy Bean 15 minutes everyday (for a month)
78. get gym membership (with a pool)
79. swim twice a week (after getting gym membership)
80. go kayaking
81. make a list of 100 things that make me happy
82. do push-ups every other day for 30 days
83. do a work-out video once a week for 6 months

84. have $5,000 in savings account at end of 1001 days
85. have furniture paid off
86. buy a new car
87. get quicken reconciled and keep it that way
88. put all money saved by using coupons into the savings account

89. call a friend once a month for 6 months
90. volunteer once a month for 6 months
91. schedule a play-date once a month for 6 months
92. find out what I need to do to get a teaching certificate
93. decide where I want to go to get my teaching certificate
94. potty train the Navy Bean
95. start and finish a new character in Dragon Age: Origin
96. start and finish a new character in Dragon Age: Awakening
97. learn 20 phrases in Italian
98. find a hairdresser
99. send Wes a care package 5 times while he's deployed
100. find a babysitter
101. learn how to make a movie on the computer from photos

Friday, July 02, 2010

101 things to do in 1001 days: Updated!

I'm not dead!!!!!
I've just been busy, and boring.
But, I've decided to steal an idea from Beth's blog:
101 things to do in 1001 days
I started July 1, 2010 and will finish March 28, 2013
And now, I've discovered one reason I hate blogspot:
it won't let me copy and paste
and I'm not typing 101 things all over again!
UPDATE: I've tried everything suggested by help.
Nothing is working.
Thinking of switching to another blog.