Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TMI!!!!! TMI!!!!!

Otherwise known as: The case of the missing IUD
After the Navy Bean was born, Wes wanted to get a vasectomy, but I wanted him to wait until she was two, just in case we decided we wanted another one. I tried going back on the pill, but since I was breastfeeding, it was too difficult, so I got an IUD. It seemed to be working just fine, with a few minor issues, but those were taken care of. For those of you who don't know about IUDs, you are supposed to check to make sure they are in place after you have your period. Apparently, when your uterus "opens" up, they can fall out. Since I breastfed the Navy Bean until she was 17 months old, I've only recently started having periods again (two and a half years without a period, why wouldn't you breastfeed?). Anyway, the IUD has "strings" on it, but they really feel more like fishing line, and that's what you're supposed to feel for. I used to check a couple times a month, but now I just check after my period. I started my last period two weeks before Wes left for deployment. I know I checked for my IUD after that. At least, I think I did. All I know is that a couple of days after Wes left, I checked for it, and couldn't find it. Well, maybe the strings got wound up, or something. Checked the next day, nothing. The day after that, nothing. Now, based on the schedule of when Wes left, I figured I was okay, but I was still a little nervous. I am happy to report that I am NOT pregnant!!!!! YAY!!!!! And there was much rejoicing!!!! But now, I know for sure that I don't want another baby. When Wes gets back, he will get that vasectomy.
Some people have asked why I don't get taken care of, but the truth is, I'm just not ready for that. I mean, Wes is in the military, so there is always (God forbid) the chance that something could happen to him. And if that happened, who's to say I wouldn't end up with Magnus Scheving and then maybe we'd want to have a baby together? Stranger things have happened. Like an IUD gone missing.

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Beth said...

Crazy! Where could it have gone? I have one too and I can't imagine how it could just disappear!