Monday, July 19, 2010

Work that list

Much of my list consists of organization.
That's because, with the Navy Bean,
stuff gets all a mess.
I know it doesn't take long to take care of stuff,
but it feels like a lot of stuff,
gets overwhelming, and then, nothing gets down,
the house becomes a mess and I get depressed.
But, when I finally clean and organize,
I feel better and actually have more free time.
This is all my yarn.
Notice my highly sophisticated and chic storage compartments.

This is my storage area.
Yeah, a little small.

I finally cleaned it up yesterday.
It took about a half hour.
Eventually I would love to have something nicer to store it all in,
something I can keep in the living room.
But for now, the closet it is.
And, as you can see,
there's a reason one of my other 101 things is to crochet
a certain amount of afghans.
On another note, with Wes gone, cooking is more difficult.
When it was just me, it wasn't that big of a deal if I ate crappy.
But now, with the Navy Bean,
it's important to eat healthy,
thus the vegetarian meals.
I made a frittata this week.
It was yummy, with asparagus and broccoli.
It needed a little spice though.
But, I burned my arm on the pan handle,
after I took it out of the oven.

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