Thursday, October 14, 2010


This post was supposed to be written from Greece (#3) where I was going to visit Wes, with the Navy Bean. His ship is in port for a full week and we were going to take a military flight to get there ($20 a person). It is October, so we were assured that we should be able to get a seat, no problem. See, it works in order of importance: military personnel with orders (and their families, if they're being transferred), military personnel on leave, spouses with military personnel on leave, unattended spouses and families (that would be me), and then retirees. Usually, this flight wouldn't be that busy because there wouldn't be families trying to fly overseas for Christmas or whatever. However, a bunch (20 or so) of army guys with orders showed up the afternoon we were trying to leave. I was number 8 (and 9 for the Navy Bean) on the waiting list. Only three people on the waiting list got on the plane. Stupid Army. I just keep reminding myself that those Army guys were probably going somewhere most of us don't want to be. But, since the flight only leaves once a week, it meant we wouldn't get to see Wes. Sucks ass.

If you have to suck ass, it might as well be a cute one!


Sandi said...

Boy does THAT look familiar!

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