Friday, August 06, 2010


Have I mentioned how much I hate blogspot? I tried to copy and paste my 101 things list, from my blogspot post, and it won't let me. It's already in blogspot!!!! Why can't I use it again??? Also, blogspot refuses to show me the word verification, so I can't comment on my own posts, or anyone elses who uses blogspot. This is when I wish I knew a little bit more about tech stuff. I find it ironic that spellcheck on blogspot does not recognize the word blogspot.

Anyway. I have been doing stuff on my list. Let's review:

1. Update my blog once a week. I'm pretty sure, that no matter how boring, I have been doing this.
2. Update Navy Bean's blog twice a week. I have also done this.
4. Renew my passport. Went out in the mail this morning.
29. Make one vegetarian meal a week for 6 months. I've actually been making two a week. So there!
39. Get a library card. Did that on July 24, 2010
40. Use said library card twice. Done and done. Although, I certainly plan on using it more than twice, especially with all the books I plan on reading.
43. Read something by Dan Brown. I've read both Angels and Demons, and The DaVinci Code.
44. Read 50 books. I've read two and started another two.
65. Put calendar on dry erase board every month. It's been done within the first week of each month.
66. Take care of mail every Tues. OK, the point of this was to help me take care of the mail more than once a month. It is now getting done every week, but not necessarily on Tues. Good enough.
72. Organize my yarn. Done July 18, 2010.
89. Call a friend once a month for 6 months. Did that for July, but not for Aug. yet.
99. Send Wes 2 care packages while he's deployed: First one sent July 27, 2010. He still hasn't received it.
100. Find a babysitter. Well, I did have one, but since I asked her TUESDAY if she could come sometime this week and she told me she would call me back and it's FRIDAY, I think I need to keep looking.

So, I have completed four of the 101, and I'm working on ten. I'm happy with how things are going. I love that this list keeps me motivated and reminds me that I have things to do, other than clean and take care of the Navy Bean. I'm already thinking of things for my next 101 list and I'm even thinking of doing some mini-things, like 3 things in 30 days. I know, I know, my life is just too exciting!

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