Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm back

I was in Texas, visiting the family for two weeks. I have been home for a week, but boy, things were crazy here. The Navy Bean had/has sleep issues, and the lawn needed to be mowed, the house cleaned, groceries bought, and I'm on the committee for the moms' group that started again yesterday. The trip was good. I got to go out with Camille, without the Navy Bean, and we had margaritas and a great time. I had lunch with an old boyfriend, and had to laugh when he said his only regret about us was that we never slept together. Um, isn't that the regret of every man towards every woman he has ever met in his entire life who has not slept with him? But it was great seeing him again and we had a great (if short, stupid weather/traffic) time. The Navy Bean was still afraid of my brother, but eventually warmed up to him and gave him a kiss. My brother has lost more than 35 lbs and he looks AWESOME! I'm very proud of him.

But, this is by far the most exciting thing going on around here:
look closely. There's pee in that potty chair!!!!

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David said...

Congrats to Navy Bean!!!