Friday, September 23, 2005

How does that work again?

I was talking to Wes last night about Andrea. And he was very surprised that she wasn't snarky on the phone to me and that she seems much happier now that she realizes she's married and her man isn't going anywhere. He claims that our relationship obviously made her evaluate herself, her life and her relationship and that she must still have a few problems with the situation that will probably come out later. I mentioned a certain someone else who must obviously have problems with our relationship and who might act out at a later date. His reply: not gonna happen. Huh??? Let me get this straight. The girl who was in love with Wes for more than 10 years, but never dated him and is now happily married to someone she has dated for more than 4 years is having a harder time with our relationship than my ex, whom I lived with, talked about marrying, and who has tried to get me back at least once a year since we broke up 5 years ago (the last time being July 2004), and refuses to talk about me still. Is this a simple case of male ego on Wes's part, or does he know something he's not telling me? I think Wes realized he screwed up bad when he called Charley. He did admit last night that he is no longer initiating any phone calls to Charley. He said he talks to him if he calls, but other than that, he's trying to let the whole thing fade away. Is that because he realized it bothered me, or because he realized that the whole thing bothered Charley. I'm not sure. I was starting to wonder if the only reason Charley didn't freak out was to keep tabs on our relationship. I mean, it's hard to find out if people are still dating if you refuse to speak to either one of them. Whatever the case is, Wes did mention that Charley would not be informed of our wedding date, and might not even find out the relationship is that serious until after the wedding. Ok, but you think he's fine with the whole thing? Whatever!!! Sometimes men are really weird. Oh, and Minnie, yes I told her! Her reply to the second question was, "I'm not surprised."

Yesterday, I read a book for school. And it felt like that was all I did. It wasn't, but how am I supposed to read more than 500 books before next April if I can't get to more than one a day? Life if frustrating. But, thanks to a link Camille sent me, I think I found my dress, or at least the style I really like. I can't figure out how to get the link here, other than typing it out, and that just ain't going to happen right now.

Finally, for your amusement. I've taken a new interest in removing hair from my bikini line. It's because. . . I swim. . .yeah, that's why. Anyway, I bought some Nad's because I wanted it to be smooth and pretty. . . because I swim. Step one in the directions should be: drink a couple of vodka shots, because this is going to hurt like hell. It says you can do this yourself, but in reality, you really need to have a sadistic friend over to pull out your hair. Did I mention it hurts? So, one side of my bikini line looks pretty good. And. . . half of the other side looks ok. I just couldn't finish. It hurt so bad. I wanted to cry. Tonight, vodka shots and cleaning up the rest, and by the rest, I mean the rest, because, you know, I swim!

I hope everyone out there has a great Friday. I know I will, because I'm Mr. Brightside!


Bart's Camille said...

Next time go splurge on a pro wax - at least it's someone else hurting you. Nads!!! I'd like to see a guy apply that product to it's namesake. Ha! Yes, Wes is in DEEP DENIAL or is CLUELESS about Charley.

Queen of Ass said...

ASK him why he did it! Don't let things already go unsaid.

minnie said...

i've used that nad's stuff. not on my bikini line, but it didn't hurt that much when i used it on my legs. i agree with camille though. go pay the $50 or so to have someone else do it for you. they can actually SEE what they're doing and can tell if they missed any spots.

it's one thing for a friend to ask you if your guy is good in bed,cuz let's face it: girls talk about that kind of stuff. but a girl that had a "thing" for your guy (even if they NEVER got together.)? that's just odd. and sorta twisted, don't you think?