Wednesday, September 21, 2005


This is how I'm going to justify looking for a dress now. Since we don't want a big wedding, we've decided we'll probably decide less than 2 months in advance when the wedding will be, ect. That leaves enough time to get plane tickets and plan a big, informal party, but not enough time to buy a dress. So, I'll just start looking until I find the perfect dress and then I'll buy it. Sounds good to me.

I swam a mile today. I haven't swam in a week and I think I've only swam a mile twice since I've been back from Russia. I felt really good, but when I walked into my office after swimming, they looked at me and wanted to know what happened to me. Guess I didn't look as good as I felt.

And today, one of the students who had signed up for the wrong stuff for the presentation came up to me today. Since I'm not a despot, I let him move his presentation. The other student will not be so lucky, because he still hasn't gotten back to me.

I see Wes in a week.

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Queen of Ass said...

Wow...he's umm....hard.