Friday, September 02, 2005

First day of class

I don't know who decided this, but today is the first day of the fall semester. Yes, the Friday before Labor Day weekend (with Monday off) is the first day of the fall semester. So, the university expects students to show up and go to class on the Friday before a long Labor Day weekend. I personally think the university was smoking crack when it made this decision. Really, who wants to show up for classes on the (say it with me now) FRIDAY BEFORE LABOR DAY WEEKEND? At least it'll be a short day. I'm going to the class I'm TAing for, and then I have a meeting with my advisor. Then I'm coming home and starting homework. Yes, I already have homework. I have 4 pre-lim lists I have to read for the spring semester. Might as well start now.

Wes and I played another game of AOE yesterday. He won, but when I won, it only took me an hour and a half to kick his ass. Yesterday, it took him more than three hours to finish me off. I think we'll be playing again this weekend.

I have to say Happy Second Birthday to my nephew Phoenix. No, he can't read, but it's the thought that counts. I picked him up the cutest gift in Russia. It's a puzzle, shaped like a little house, and it has a bunny rabbit, a porcupine, a rooster and another animal I can't think of. But the puzzle is entirely painted, front, back and sides, and thicker, almost like wooden blocks. It was really cute. And also, Happy Birthday Tonya. I miss you.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has come by and left me a note. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to all of you: things have been hectic. But I have been thinking about you and hoping the best for all of you.


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