Thursday, September 15, 2005

Saying good-bye, postponed

Wes decided he didn't want to leave today. So he's leaving tomorrow. It's nice that he's going to be here an extra day, but I had really prepared myself that he was leaving today. I also made plans to go drinking with my friends, and I can't really cancel that because I already bailed on her last week because Wes was here. But, at least he can pick me up so I don't have to worry about how much I drink. And I have plans tomorrow night, so it'll help me not realize he's gone until Saturday. And then, I'm so far behind in all my school stuff, because he was here, that I'll just be super busy anyway. He does have to leave tomorrow. He has a flight from Florida to Washington on Sunday he has to make. (don't ask, it has to do with him being commissioned as an officer and then being transferred from Washington to Virginia).

Now. . . .let's complain about students. I know school has only been in for 2 weeks, but good grief. One of the books assigned is out of print. So the very first week of class I made announcements in class and sent e-mails that the book was out of print but it was available on Amazon. I also made announcements that there are about 20 copies in the library. Tuesday I get to class (I teach 4 of them) and there was someone in EVERY SINGLE CLASS who asked where they could get the book. I'm so glad I sent out that e-mail. Then, they have to do presentations, so I asked them to sign up. I announced that they couldn't do presentations over the textbook, only the other readings. In one class, FIVE PEOPLE signed up to do presentations over the textbook. I immediately sent out an e-mail telling them they had to re-sign up. I've received an e-mail back from ONE STUDENT. But, at least two people are going to have to give presentations next week, because if they don't, there won't be anything else for them to give presentations on. So, is it my responsibility to e-mail them all individually to let them know they messed up? How does that work? Sometimes I wonder how old these students really are.

Finally, I hope God bitch slaps those people who stand on campus and let us all know that God hates us all and we're all going to hell. That strategy works so well that I saw the ENTIRE campus fall to their knees in repentance. (that was sarcasm just in case you couldn't tell). I am a Christian and try to live by the words of the Bible. I believe that the Bible is the literal word of God. I believe that Jesus is the son of God and died for my sins. I believe that believing in Jesus is the ONLY way to gain salvation. I have read the entire Bible several times, and I try to read it on a regular basis. I have NEVER read anywhere in the Bible that God hates anybody. I have read that He hates sin, but that He loves the sinner. The Bible says we are supposed to tell it like it is, but it also says that GOD LOVES US. It also says it is His compassion that brings us to repentance. I will never understand these people who paint God as a judgmental, hateful, hurtful, violent God and then wonder why nobody rushes to worship him. They give God and the rest of Christians such a bad name, and I honestly believe that God is going to hold them responsible for the damage they did to His cause.

Ok, even though all I technically have today is a five minute presentation, I do have a ton of homework. I hope everyone has a great day.


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Queen of Ass said...

I know exactly what you mean about the students, Sugar. Universities would be wonderful places to work if it weren't for them.