Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Saying good-bye

Wes is leaving tomorrow. I don't want him to leave. I want him to stay and for us to get a bigger place to live and for him to get a good job and his kids to miraculously appear and for us to get married. It's not that we've had a "great" time together. We really haven't done anything outside of everyday routine. We didn't even go see a movie or go to the Farmer's market. We just did the normal things people do everyday, day after day. It's going to be hard to say good-bye, even though I'll see him again in two weeks. We're trying not to talk about it too much. The apartment is going to seem very empty after he is gone. Although, I'll probably get a lot more homework done. I hate long distance relationships.

On another note. I taught yesterday and it went really, really well. Except, only 3 (out of 8) people showed up for my last class. And I only received an e-mail from one of them. It's a little hard to teach when that happens. Thankfully, all three of them had read, and we were able to discuss. We were actually there for 40 (out of 50) minutes. Not bad.

Ok, I guess I should get ready for the day,


Queen of Ass said...

So your feelings for him have changed? I'm glad you're so happy!

minnie said...

honey i know how you feel. and that's great that you don't want him to leave. i knew that once he got there, that would be the case.

Bart's Camille said...

It'll be okay girl. This is going to be tough. Call me if you want to talk. Love you.