Saturday, September 03, 2005

I am the champion!

Yesterday Wes wanted to play more of AOE. I won two games (and these are death matches) in less than 2 hours. Yeah, I'm good like that. Then we played a third game, with a harder map (islands) and after 3 hours we decided to quit. I could have won, but I was getting tired of playing and of spanking Wes. He really sucks at the game.

The first day of class. I couldn't believe how many people showed up even though it was the Friday before, ok, I guess you know. The professor is such a good lecturer: I'm so lucky to be his TA. But, he said we're going to have sections on Tuesday, and I thought, since it was the first week, we wouldn't have sections next week, just class. That's ok. I got all my stuff turned in for the TA job, so I'll get paid. I got the desk I wanted in my office (I share with 4 other people). My library carrel sucks though. There's a ton of empty ones, and they made me share with someone (it's kind of like a little cage in the library), and the door sticks really bad. (I was throwing myself against it and it wouldn't open). I think I'm going to ask them if I can get a new one. I also spoke to my advisor. She was excited about what a good time I had in Russia (I'll work on getting a webpage for the pictures this weekend). We discussed pre-lims and dissertations. It looks like it would make more sense for me to not go to Russia right away next fall for a year of research. What I'll probably do is go over for the summer and check out archives. Then I'll apply for funding for the following year. During the year I'm in the states, I'll just go to various archives we have here (Hoover institute: Harvard) and get all my preliminary research done. I like that anyway. It doesn't feel as stressful.

Well, I have no exciting plans this weekend. I think a little laundry, get groceries, and homework. I'll also work on those pictures. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.


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Queen of Ass said...

It is now 5 AM and I still have not slept. It all started with studying, which meant staying up late, which meant no sleepie drugs. But the sleepie drugs is, so far, an obvious problem.

I need to do laundry too, but at this rate, my son might be the only one out of his PJs today.