Friday, September 23, 2005

From what I can figure. . .

Like the rest of you, I have seriously been trying to figure out what was going on in Wes's usually highly functioning brain when he called Charley this summer, and why he's now in denial about how stupid that was. I think there are a number of factors going on here. Let's start with 1, probably the easiest and the longest. There are two parts to part one (is everybody following me here). Let's start with part a) Charley quit talking to Wes about 3 1/2 years ago. Now, Charley and I had broke up 5 years ago, so when Charley quit talking to Wes, his excuse of not wanting to be in contact with him because Wes was still friends with me baffled Wes. Wes had seen Charley since we had broken up and so this just did not make sense. Wes really, really wanted to figure out what was going on. b) due to Wes's losing (I hate that term in regards to dead people. It makes it sound like we weren't careful enough with them and therefore their death was our fault. And, if we look really hard and long, we might find them again. Likewise, when I hear people ask if I've found Jesus, I want to respond that I haven't had time to look, but I think I left him under the couch) both his brother and mom before the age of 25 he has a very overdeveloped sense of friendship and loyalty. Therefore, I think at the most basic level, the level that Wes was thinking at, he called Charley because they were friends and Wes didn't understand why that had changed and he wanted to know why it had.

2. (that paragraph was just getting too long) I think Wes wanted to (at a subconscious level) let Charley know that I now belong to him. Yes, it's base, it's course and slightly degrading, but Wes is a man.

3. Concerning the denial part. I think Wes grossly underestimated the chemistry between Charley and I. I don't thinks he's admitted this to himself either, but I think he's somewhat afraid that I might leave him for Charley. It would never happen, but I understand why that would be a fear. Therefore, if he denies that Charley has an issue with us dating, then it means that Charley is over me and wouldn't take me back even if I wanted him. And if I think Charley is over me, because Wes keeps telling me so, then I wouldn't think about going back. Guy logic.

Soooooo, I think that's the extent of it. However, I think if I asked him, he would deny 2 and 3. Although, he has admitted to number 3 in a round-about way before. I don't blame him, but seriously, it's his own fault for calling Charley to begin with.

I really want a nap right now. I should do homework, but. . . .

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minnie said...

that was one seriously long paragraph. :)

guy's DON'T have logic. that's an oxymoron. lmao