Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snow and students

Today, I spent 20 minutes digging my car out so I could drive to the gym and swim. I shaved 7 minutes off my swim time, and hope to shave off another 7. That would put me at 30 laps (33= 1 mile) in 35 minutes. I want to swim before my classes this semester, but I have to eat and get ready too. I think I can do it. I also thought that since I was driving towards the downtown of the state capital that the roads would be sufficiently plowed. Apparently, even though I only drove on major roads, the city feels it's only necessary to plow them every 24 hours, even though it snowed for 24 hours straight. And don't get me started on other drivers, including the one who ran a red light and almost broadsided me.

And even though it is winter break, I received an e-mail from a very upset student because the grade I gave him meant that since he was already on academic probation, he was kicked out of school. He didn't understand why, even though he skipped class and the weekly papers (total of 35% of grade) he received such a low (but passing) grade. Now he wants me to write a letter to the board of whatever explaining that his work was good (when he did it), but he was absent a lot. Yeah, don't think that's going to happen. Attending class IS part of the work. And if you're already on academic probation, don't you think you'd make sure you got good grades? I don't know, maybe that's just me.

I got my Christmas pictures back today, and boy, my nephew is cute! Also got a good picture of him with my brother. Mom told me my brother, Craig, finally cut his hair. It was very long, because since both sides of the family are bald, he knew he had to enjoy it while he could. Problem is, he should have shaved his head at least a year ago. It's over Craig. I know you're only 25, but, you are thinning badly, receding quickly, and you do have a bald spot on the back of your head. Unfortunately, mom said he couldn't let it all go, so he shaved it into a skunk. He will completely shave his head before his next trial date for custody though. Thank God!

And finally, even though I'm technically on break, I'm trying to read for my pre-lims. Would somebody please explain this to me? I'm reading a book called Gender Trouble by Judith Butler. Let me quote some for you: "As an antimetaphorical activity, incorporation literalizes the loss on or in the body and so appears as the facticity of the body, the means by which the body comes to bear "sex" as its literal truth. The localization and/or prohibition of pleasure and desires in given "erotogenic" zones is precisely the kind of gender-differentiating melancholy that suffuses the body's surface." (p. 68). The whole book is like this! I understand about 1 sentence out of each chapter. What the hell is she talking about????? I'm a girl because I have a vagina. Why isn't that good enough?

If any of you are male or female for ANY OTHER REASON than the fact that you have a penis or vagina, please let me know. It would help me out greatly. (and yes, I do know several transgender/transexual people, and no, they can't clear this up either).

Stay out of the snow, but go to class,


Nightmare said...

well I think what she is saying is that once you have found that you have a sexual gender,and have localized it, and it is pleasurable, THEN and ONLY then can you say "I'm a woman and I have a vagina" or " I'm a man and I have a penis"

Or she could just be talking out of her ass. I'm not sure.

got here through the Queen Of Cleavege's blog...I'm gonna look around if that is ok!

COngrats on the shaving of time from your swimming!

Stacia said...

Hi Nightmare, thanks for taking a stab. She's actually talking about why people are gay or straight in this passage, but I think most of it is out of her ass.

Hope you like the site.