Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Getting closer

So, the sucky part about being a graduate student is that even though, technically speaking, I'm on winter break, I actually have papers to write, books to read, applications to fill out and a whole bunch of other school related crap to do. In addition, I'm still utterly exhausted from last semester. I feel like I can catch up on my sleep and not get as much done right now, which means I'll have to do it during the semester along with everything else, eventually robbing me of more sleep, or I can just remain tired, since this is how I'm going to feel all semester anyway. What a win-win situation! But, I am almost finished with my Zionist paper, which I think I've been working on my entire adult life. She tells me if I make just a few more changes, it'll be an A paper. Therefore, I've been making those changes today, will meet with my friend Sean tomorrow, and go over the paper with him (I've e-mailed it to him) and then make the few changes he has suggested and then hopefully, I will get that damn A. And then, she wants me to start working on my dissertation proposal immediately, even though I'm not even taking my pre-lims until the fall. But this way, I can apply for funding right away. I've got to get the funding. Meanwhile, the Russian program I wanted to go on this summer, requires many, many things for their application, including a 500 word essay in RUSSIAN! Yes, you read that right. Even though there are many days when I feel like I couldn't write a 500 word essay in English (ok, I just wrote a 35 page paper, so that really isn't that hard), there's still very little chance I could write a decent, much less a good, essay in Russian. But I'm still going to try. I wonder if I can write it about how tired I am?

Catch-22. Andrea's wedding is July 24th. The Russian program is June 7th-Aug. 7th. Does anyone else see the scheduling conflict? So part of me hopes I don't get accepted into the summer program anyway, because I want to be in Andrea's wedding. She's going to wait as long as possible to ask someone else to be a bridesmaid, but even if I don't go to Russia, I may not be in the wedding. But at least then I would get to go. She called the other night and we had a great conversation about Wes. I guess she's decided that since she's getting married, it's kind of silly of her to voice opposition to the fact that he has expressed interest in me (yes, at this point, that is the extent of the steamy "relationship" between us, other than the 15 year friendship). She thinks we are highly compatible, but did express some very valid concerns, which I appreciated. I could tell the idea bothers her a little, because she did mention it might be awkward, at first, if we did hook up, but that she was absolutely committed to our friendship, for the rest of our lives. And I have to admit, I was greatly relieved because I respect, admire, and love Andrea very much. And, most of the time, I like her too!

Yesterday was a very successful man day, as far as I was concerned. No, no one asked me out, but I did get to talk to two different guys, both whom I would like to go out with. And both remembered my name, and even, dare I say it, seemed somewhat happy to see me. I should also mention, I looked really good. Then I went shopping with a friend, and bought a little, incredibly sexy, red dress (I already own a couple of little black dresses). Now I just need to find a place to wear it.

ok, I suppose I should do more work on that paper. I hope everyone is staying warm and dry,


Queen of Ass said...

Wow. You and I have too much in common for our own good! Good luck with the paper, hon! Also? Wear the red dress somewhere just because you damn well please!

darren said...

OMG I don't think I've ever written a 35 page paper!
Unless you consider a story, but that takes me years to write! lol! Good Luck with the Russian Paper!