Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year Resolutions

Yes, I do resolutions every year. I also do 10 year goals, 5 year goals and 1 year goals. I guess I know where I want to go and what I need to do to get there. Just want to stay focused.

New Year Resolutions:

To pray more consistently for my family and friends: for their physical and emotional safety and well-being and for healing of wounds and relationships.

To practice piano for at least 15 minutes a day.

To read my Russian Bible every day. And to also read a Russian newspaper every day.

To read German for 15 minutes everyday.

To swim three times a week and do my back exercises twice a week.

To cook a new meal at least once a week (I got 4 new cookbooks for Christmas).

To write my Grandparents at least once a month.

To start my Russian baby fund.

To attend a musical event at the university once a month (hey, it's cheap and I'll kick myself later if I don't).

One year goals:

Take (and pass) my preliminaries!
Spend the summer in Russia, and become much more fluent in Russian.
Get my dissertation proposal approved.
Apply for research funding.

Five year goals:

Graduate with my Ph.D. in Modern European History, emphasis on Russia/USSR history, and European Jewry.
Adopt first Russian baby.

These two goals moved this year, from 10 years to 5, and this is the first time they have seemed to be in reach, and not just some far off dream. That's kind of scary.

Visit 5 countries I've never visited before, not in North America (I'm going to be in Russia at least a year, so this shouldn't be that hard to accomplish).
Visit Canada.
Visit at least two states in the USA I've never visited before.

Ten year goals:

Have tenture somewhere I actually want to live and work.
Own a house.
Adopt second baby.
Visit 2 more foreign countries.
Visit 2 more states in the USA.

Just so you all know, I want to visit everywhere before I die (and yes, I do mean everywhere!).

I think that's about it. I should probably resolve to spend more time on myself and less on school, but this is really the final stretch, so I can wait.

hope everyone has a wonderful new year!


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