Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Party snow

Just when you don't want it to snow. Like when you have to drive an hour to get to a cookie exchange, with cookies that you left in the oven too long, because the recipe said 12-15 minutes. How were you supposed to know 12 minutes would be too long? Anyway, back to the snow. It's beautiful, but, I just cleaned my car off!!! And, like I said I have 2 Christmas parties today. The first, in a different town. Well, it's not snowing hard, so I guess it'll be ok.

Wes had the kids this weekend. He said they got in the car and asked where I was. Say it with me, "Ahhhhh!" that's so sweet. I told Wes that I'm so happy that I'm afraid I will spontaneously break out into song and dance. He wants to see that, but I told him I would make him dance with me. Like in the mall, to the Christmas music. And if you don't think I would do something like that, ask Camille. But, Wes said he would sing and dance with me, so that's how you know I'm with the right guy!

I've read 14 papers since yesterday afternoon. Some of these papers really make me question my ability as a TA. But then, when 99% of them are great (or at least good) and that last 1% has so totally missed it that you wonder what class they're writing the paper for, well, I guess I can't really blame myself for that. One of the other TAs, for a different class, has one of my students in her class and she said he doesn't get that class either. Makes you feel bad for the students who don't get it. Also makes you wonder how they got into college. Oh well. For the most part the papers are good, and that makes me happy. And no, I don't (and can't) really take credit for students who were already smart to begin with. I'll just take credit for helping to steer them down the path of knowledge.

Alright, gotta get ready for exchanging cookies.

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