Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well, what do you know?

I got a phone call from IQ on Thursday. She began, "it has nothing to do with what you said, but I cleaned the house, because my m-i-l is coming, not because of what you said." First, who knows how clean it really is, but I'll take what I can get. Second, I don't care why you cleaned it, I'm just happy you did. I think I'm going to have Wes talk to Mr. IQ about his fathering skills. Mr. IQ refuses to play WOW with one hand, and thus, ignores the baby if he is playing WOW. He has never even given the baby a bath (the baby is 5 months old!). Wes is horrified. Although you would have never guessed from Wes's high school actions (ok, I guess he was technically practicing to make lots of babies), Wes is a great dad. He is excited to be a dad. The thought of dirty diapers doesn't phase him. Crying baby. Not a problem. Stressed out wife. We'll get through this. When I point out all the stuff he needs to do when he gets home to get the nursery ready, he's excited because he feels left out. He's the type of dad who does stuff because he wants to, not because it's his responsibility as a dad. I really couldn't ask for a better husband.

Baby stuff is starting to trickle in!!! I know I promised pictures of the stuff I already had, and I will get to that (just not now). But this week, Camille got me a beautiful Moses basket (so now the baby has a place to sleep), the cutest receiving blankets ever, a bouncer (which I'm going to wait to put together when Wes is here), a mirror for the car and the health kit thing from Red Cross. And my Sunday School class is also going to give me a baby shower, which I think is super nice. I also decided I should probably order diapers within the next week. Does anyone know anything about cloth diapers? I've found some, but now the prospect of washing them at home (there's no diaper service in this area) is starting to freak me out. I just want to do what's best for the baby and the environment.

According to the calendar, I have 6 weeks left. It is going to fly by (at least the next 4 weeks, since next week I have 2 doctor's appointments, the week after that Wes comes home, his kids and dad will be with us for a week, then we have a doctor's appointment, a wedding and the baby shower and the week after that the birthing class). At the same time, I really can't believe how uncomfortable I am. I can only stay in one position for about 15 minutes before I have to move. How do working women do it??? How do women in third world countries, who sleep on the ground do it??? How do women carrying more than one baby do it??? (Kudos to you Sandi!) I feel like I'm constantly playing musical chairs. But I will miss the baby movements. Those are kind of cool. And she's had the hiccups every day for the last 5 days (a couple of days, twice). And right now I'm chasing a foot around my tummy. I can't wait to eat that foot!

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Sandi said...

It's uncomfortable, but you just deal with it, I guess, and keep moving a lot. With 2, it was PAINNNNNN. I mean, PAIIINNNNNNN. My pelvis cracked every time I got out of bed, and walking hurt pretty horribly. Thankfully, most places now have carts to ride on. People like me needed those carts. Hee!

I'm so glad you're getting the shower! Every soon-to-be mommy needs one! I'd be throwing you one myself if I were there!!!

Cloth diapers....hmmm...they're great burp rags, but that's all they are for us. My 2 cents is that you're going to be busy enough without having to worry about that too. You're supposed to plan on 10 diapers per day per kid (so saith the multiples books I read), so you'd be constantly washing. We went to Sam's and bought gigantic boxes of diapers, instead. But, I guess I'm more selfish - I wanted time and ease over environment.

I don't really miss the movements, honestly. Not yet. There are too many new things every day to watch in their faces. I remember missing Captain Stinky's movements, though, every time I got the urge to have another baby.