Saturday, September 06, 2008

That was weak

IQ called me yesterday freaking out because of Hanna. The navy takes all the ships out for tropical storms/hurricanes, so her husband was leaving. She said she had never been in a tropical storm before. Um, we had one last summer, but the guys were already gone, so she probably didn't even know we had one. She was very concerned about how IQ Jr. would act. I pointed out that he wouldn't know it was a tropical storm and would only freak out if she did, so she might want to keep it under control. They live on the second floor, so at least they didn't have to worry about flooding. I asked if she had plenty of water and food. Yes, she had plenty of water and had gotten lots of soup in case the electricity went out and she couldn't use the microwave. Um, do I really need to point out that she has an electric stove? Instead of pointing that out to her, I asked if she had bread. She did. Good, then there should be no problems.

But, Hanna is turning out to be pretty weak. The navy didn't take the ships out, although I doubt IQs husband is home yet. They probably kept them on the ships over night, just in case. And at 4:00am when I was eating yogurt and watching Comedy Central, it still hadn't started raining. It's rained a little bit this morning, and it has been VERY windy, but it actually looks like it's starting to clear up and might even be sunny soon. I was supposed to take CPR today, but it was cancelled and rescheduled for Wed. So I've just been cleaning. I think we're all going to be ok.

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