Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mother of the year

I've mentioned before that IQ is a WOW player (world of warcraft). Well, one day, a while back, she was commenting on how her sister is not a good mom because all she does is try to meet guys on the computer, ignoring her two children. IQ stated she understood that IQ Jr. comes first, and that's why when he's fussy, she'll take care of him, even though it's difficult to play WOW with one hand!

I don't play WOW and never have, but IQ and her husband have made me HATE WOW. Now, Mr. IQ is not learning diabilitied (IQ explanation for why she is how she is), but actually has a college degree, in engineering. But, when he comes home from work, he plays WOW and when he plays WOW he ignores IQ Jr., leaving IQ to play WOW with only one hand. This is an area of contention for them. But the point is, he should know better. About everything. Like the state of their apartment. His mom is coming into town this week, and IQ kept saying she should clean the house. I was there today. First, I can't believe she wouldn't let ANYONE into her house, with it looking like that. Second, I can't believe he would let his mom into the house, with it looking like that. Third, I can't believe they live in a house that looks like that.

I told her that once IQ Jr. is mobile (and he's getting there) and CPS were called, he would be removed from the home. I saw on the floor, in addition to just plain out trash, a Swiss army knife, a bottle opener, a cork from a wine bottle, 5 pens and pencils, a bag of chips, cat food, cat feces, and clumps of cat hair. And that's just what I could see. IQ was very upset that I had said that (remember, she grew up in foster care and claimed she would do EVERYTHING possible to keep IQ Jr.) and claimed she was "doing the best I can. But it's hard for me to take care of IQ Jr. and do ANYTHING." See, that's the problem. Not that she isn't capable but that when it comes to doing anything BESIDES WOW, she just can't do it with IQ Jr. around. She can't clean because of IQ Jr. She can't study for her driver's licence because of IQ Jr. She can't eat properly because of IQ Jr. She can't exercise because of IQ Jr. But she can spend at least 8 hours a day playing WOW. And Mr. IQ lets her get away with that. Well, that's fine and dandy, but I would rather get a frantic phone call from IQ screaming at me because CPS is taking away IQ Jr (which would get Mr. IQ kicked out of the navy), than a frantic phone call from IQ because IQ Jr. is choking to death on something.

But I'm glad she's willing to play WOW with only one hand because that makes her the freaking mother of the year.


tbooty said...

um, wow! (totally intentional! LOL) the more i hear about this woman, the more i fear for that child's safety.

did they even WANT this baby? if they didn't, i could understand the cavalier attitude a little better. these people need a serious priority adjustment.

Sandi said...

That's just so very sad.

David said...

How very sad. Its sick.