Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Smell the burning

I am cheap. This is not a surprise to anyone who knows me. I hate spending money (except on boots, boots are worth lots of money). I especially hate spending money on things that um, to put it nicely, I think are a waste of money. For example, weddings, nails, name brand clothing or furniture and especially, baby stuff. First, babies don't know or care how much money you paid for that crib/car seat/high-chair/nursery set/toys, you get the picture. Second, babies don't really need half the stuff we claim they need. If you think they do, travel to any other country in the world and see what they give their kids and how many of them survive. Third, babies don't know if anyone else has spit-up or pooped in their baby stuff. Therefore, I am trying to spend as little as possible and only on necessary items. The only thing I have purchased new is the travel system (stroller/car seat) because safety does come first. And my parents actually bought it for me. And I got it at the NEX, so it was about $50 less than it would have been anywhere else (I'm not supposed to discuss how much money we can save at the NEX, but just remember, my husband is gone ALL THE TIME, so I deserve cheaper stuff). My next door neighbor gave me a high chair (I tried to pay her for it, but she wouldn't have it) and I troll the local consignment store about once a week. I've managed to snag a $80 swing for $35 and a $18 bathtub for $5. I check up on Craig's list every couple of hours, and there, I have managed to get a breast pump ($40 less than the store and still in the box), a bumbo seat and a play-mat (total of $30 off of store prices). Um, that is actually all I have at this point. But I'm working on it.

The point is, I don't work and I have the time to try to save money. I've talked to other moms and I'm trying to figure out what I really need. And, I've talked to IQ about all of this. I've taken her to the consignment store and when I've picked up stuff off of Craig's list. But does she listen? Noooooooooo!!! Before IQ Jr. was born, they went and bought a bassinet (more than $100) and a stroller (they thought it came with the car seat. It didn't). They didn't do any research and they didn't go to the NEX. After IQ Jr. was born (who is adorable, by the way, I babysat the other night and his smile will just make you melt), they went to the store and bought a swing. At full price. The expensive swing. And they've only put IQ Jr. in it once. It's not that he didn't like it, they just choose never to use it. I told IQ that we weren't getting a bassinet because we wanted to get a pack n' play with a bassinet on it (we travel a lot, this made more sense). Thus, the next time we went to Target, she decided she needed a pack n' play. No, I don't know why. I even told her that could find one on Craig's list for half the price. She didn't care. At least they actually use it. So, IQ Jr. is getting bigger (he's 4 months) so they needed a crib. I told her that both the consignment place and Craig's list had great cribs for pretty cheap. Did they do that? No. Did they buy a full price crib at Target or go to the NEX? No. They went to the place in the strip mall next to their apartment where they paid (are you sitting down?) $550 for a new crib. Yes, you read that right. They paid Five Hundred and Fifty dollars for a new crib, and the place won't even deliver it, they have to pick it up, and I'm willing to bet it doesn't include a mattress. I just checked Target and Babies r Us and they both have a HUGE number of cribs for between $150 and $300. And they deliver.

As I mentioned before, I'm having a hard time suffering fools. I actually told them that they got ripped off and it was stupid to not only pay that much for a crib, but to pay full price. IQ responded, Well, this is a three-in-one crib and this way if we have another kid, they can use it. Yes, because if I buy a cheaper or used crib, I can't reuse it!!! The sad part: they take such bad care of their stuff that the crib will be trashed before they can even think of having another kid (which I pray to God they never do). I guess it's their money and they can do with it what they want, but good grief. I hope you can use that three-in-one crib until the kids turns 18.


tbooty said...

good lord! i swear there should be some sort of test people have to take before reproducing! (and i'm only halfway kidding! lol)

i'll try to get navy bean's box out to you this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

S - you and I are such kindred spirits. I <3 consignment stores! And, like you say, as if I baby knows whether clothes or other baby items are designer brands or generic, new or used. And babies wear clothes like 2 times before they grow out of it anyway!

I hope we get to see pics of some of your bargain finds. I <3 bargains!