Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I think it has more than two

So the title refers to the baby's feet, knees, legs, arms, hands and elbows. She either has more than two of each, or she has learned how to move ALL of them at the same time. She has also decided my large and round stomach is not big enough and she has taken up residence in my lungs. Now, I don't know about you, but I used to use my lungs to breathe. Not having use of them anymore makes it very difficult to travel up and down the stairs at my house. Even though I am not ready for her yet, I am sure starting to get there, if only so I can breathe again.

I had a great time with my parents. We were able to go to the beach, where mom convinced dad to rent one of those bicycle things. I actually sat in between them, so I didn't have to pedal. They then proceeded to moan and groan about the extra 150 extra lbs they had to move around. Hey, I offered to pedal and maybe we shouldn't have gone to the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch right before we rented the bike! It was fun, even though my dad sweat on me the whole time.

This is so much easier without Stacia and that big belly of hers!

But it wasn't all fun and games. No, I put them to work too. Remember what my garage used to look like. Yeah, I try to block it out too. But the office/nursery needs to be moved into the garage and so my parents kindly helped me organize the garage so the move would be easier. Ok, I pointed, they organized. And here is the result!

Wow! I think I see the garage floor!

And of course, mom took me shopping. I really had to convince her that I still had 8 weeks until my due date so it wasn't necessary for her to buy me everything on my registry just yet. There is still time! Now, when they come back in Nov. and I still don't have stuff, then they can get it for us! But we did buy these cute little outfits and she did buy me a couple of nursing bras (not pictured, because they're really not that exciting without the boobs in them).

In addition to frog feet, it also has a giant frog on the butt!

I love cute little frogs!

Overall, I had a great weekend with my parents and my mom suggested that I keep a list of what I have so I don't panic all the time. At least until I pull out the list and realize how much stuff I still need. So I'm going to do a spreadsheet! Because I'm dorky like that and have the time and it doesn't require too much breathing.

And, I also received a great gift from Tanya (tbooty). I loved the fact that she put it into a gift bag to mail it! This little outfit is too cute! I love the little pants (or whatever those things are called).

Are the little booties home-made? They're so cute!

Sandi, (fighting maturity) also sent me a Target gift card and I'm going to wait until Wes gets home to use that because he feels like he's missing all the fun stuff. So thank you, both of you. (Also, Wes's dad finally passed on the web baby shower information to that side of the family.)

I guess that's about it here. I'm just worn out and counting the days until 1) Wes gets home, 2) the baby is born.

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tbooty said...

you're more than welcome!

and yes, the booties are homemade. (not by me, lol. my mom makes them for the hospital up here and i always snag some when friends are expecting.)

i'm glad you liked it! now you'll have to take a picture of her in it for me. :)