Monday, February 28, 2005

Pre-birthday blues

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 31, which means, I will officially be in my thirties. I guess that's fine. But, for the past four years I have always gotten a piercing for my birthday. This year, I wanted to get my nape pierced, or finish my belly button (I have 2, want 2 more). But I swim, and the piercer told me, that while he would do it, it wasn't a good idea. Which totally sucks because I really wanted to get it done, but I'm not giving up swimming either. That's how I retain what little sanity I have left. Totally sucks.

I did have a good weekend. I got so much homework done it was ridiculous. I think I may also be fighting off a cold or sinus infection or something. Hopefully it won't fully develop into something that kicks my ass. But regardless, I did get a lot of homework done. I checked out about 20 books on Friday, and one of them has already been recalled, and it's not one I read this weekend. I still get to keep the book for 10 more days, which I fully intend to, but still. And since I did so much homework this weekend, I have no motivation to do any today. That sucks.

Finally got to talk to Camille this morning. She and the baby are doing well. I can't wait to see them.

I guess that's about it. Tomorrow I actually have the day off (just plain luck, not planned) and I'm going to get my hair cut, and get decent looking eyebrows again. Going to renew my driver's license (after the haircut) and make myself a cake and open all my cards and gifts by myself. Moving away from family and friends really sucks around your birthday!

gotta get my stuff together to go to school,
re-reading this, apparently the word of the day is: sucks.


Queen of Ass said...

Happy birthday, ya old fart!


Rockerz said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a at home work site. It pretty much covers at home work related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)