Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My aching feet!

Ok, no one can say that I'm not a dedicated TA. Today, the bus I was riding to school got hit, and it could have been up to an hour before the bus would leave (no, they wouldn't send us another one). Well, I had to teach in an hour, and I wanted to make copies of a Russian timeline before that. Therefore, I got off the bus, and, wearing 3 1/2 inch heel boots, proceeded to walk 2 miles in a half hour. And it snowed yesterday. I'm so glad I was wearing my cheap payless boots and not my suede boots. (knee-high, lace up: very sexy!). But I limped the rest of the day. I really love teaching. Can I get a raise?

Speaking of teaching: my students hate the class. It's not me (otherwise they wouldn't be griping to my face) but the professor. This is supposed to be an interdisciplinary class, covering history, political science, geography and Slavic studies. So far, it's covered two geography/history lectures and the rest have been culture. And the next three weeks are also culture. The students are, understandably, upset. This is my question: do I say something to the professor and hope she changes the format of the course? She's only given us a syllabus for the first half of the semester, maybe she could change the second half. I don't know what I should do. Although, it appears the students really like me. This is the first time this professor has taught this course, and usually, I'm told, more guest professors lecture. This could be a very successful class. I think I'll ask one of my other professors what they think I should do.

I'm going to go soak my feet and read about Peter, the Great (so he said),

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darren said...

hmmm...sensitive subject...

Depends upon how approachable the professor is I guess.

Do you get along as well with the professor as the students?

If so, talk to her. If not, Talk to her anyways cuz she needs the feedback lol