Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Fiery hoops

My advisor thinks I should be spending at least 2 hours every day in the library researching to write my dissertation proposal. In addition to TAing this semester, I'm also taking 2 classes and reading for my pre-lims. I have four fields, and each fields list is more than a 100 books. So, let's look at my current schedule to figure out when I can hit the library.

Mondays: 6:00am wake up, journal, prepare myself mentally for the day. 6:45a, make breakfast, read comics, e-mail, ect. 7:15a, eat breakfast, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed, 7:45a, read homework, 8:30a, practice piano, 9:00a, translate German article, 9:30a, read some more, 9:45a, make lunch, make sure all my stuff is in the backpack, 10:13a, leave for bus-stop.

11:00a, swim (for my mental health), 11:45a, shower, get ready, 12:15p eat lunch, 12:45p, check e-mail, read homework, 1:15p, attend lecture for class I'm TAing, 2:15p, go to the library and read homework, 4:30p meet with Russian speaker and practice Russian, 6:30p, catch bus home.

7:00p, get home, make dinner, check mail, check e-mail. 8:00p work on applications for summer language program, 9:00p, work on papers or read more homework, 10:00p, do dishes and get ready for bed.

Tuesdays: See above from 6:00a to 10:13a

11:00a, office hours, 12:05p teach class, 1:20p, teach class, 2:25p teach class, 3:30p teach class. 4:30p, go to library, do homework 5:47p, catch bus home.

6:15p, check mail, e-mail, make dinner. 6:45p, eat dinner, 7:15p, read homework, 8:00p, watch Scrubs and whatever crap is on after it. 9:00p read homework. 10:00p, wash dishes, get ready for bed.

Wednesdays: See above for 6:00a-10:13a.

11:00a, swim, 11:45a, shower and get ready, 12:15p eat lunch, 12:45p, check e-mail, read homework, 1:20p, attend lecture, 2:20-3:30p, office hours, 3:30p go to library, research for paper, 4:47p, catch bus home, 5:20p, make and eat dinner, 6:00p, go back to campus for study group, 8;45p, get home, check e-mail, do dishes, 9:30p, read homework, 10:00p, get ready for bed.

Thursdays: See above for 6:00a to 12:45a.

1:20p, go to seminar, 3:47p, catch bus home, 4:15p, check mail, e-mail, ect. Read homework, 6:00p, make dinner, 6:30p, eat dinner, 7:00p, read homework, 9:00p, e-mail class, 10:00p, wash dishes, get ready for bed.

Fridays: See Mondays and Weds. from 6:00a to 2:20p. Every other Friday, at 2:30p, meet study group, otherwise, go to library, do research, 4:47p, catch bus home, 5:15p, check mail, e-mail, ect. 6:00p, make dinner, eat dinner, 6:45p, read homework, 8:00p, watch Reba, 9:00p, do dishes, get ready for bed, collapse.

Saturdays: 7:00a, get up, eat, read comics, check e-mail, shower. Stack up books, usually 6 of them, next to the couch. Sit on couch and read. Periodically get up to get more tea and pee. Every other Sat. volunteer at the WI historical museum. Go home, do more homework. At 8:00p, watch movie, and then go to bed.

Sunday: 8:00a, get up, eat, shower, check e-mail, 9:00a, go to church, 10:45a, get groceries, 11:30a, make lunch, read Sunday paper while eating lunch. Do homework all afternoon. Talk to mom on phone for an hour. 7:00p, watch Simpsons while eating dinner. 8:00p do more homework. 10:00p, wash dishes, go to bed.

I would just like to point out that this schedule does not include cleaning, laundry, or talking to anyone on the phone. So, when, WHEN, am I supposed to do anything extra? I'm not giving up my entire life!

The Russian horror movie was very interesting. It was called Night Watch and had English subtitles. It was Matrix/Star Wars/Army of Darkness, and the sequel comes out next year. We're trying to find the Russian book the movie was adapted from to try to figure out if it was supposed to be funny in certain parts.

Anyway, this blog has put me behind schedule.
Hope everyone managed to avoid feeling like shit today.


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