Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Yesterday my sister and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center.  The DMA had a Dali and a Bearden exhibit.  The Dali stuff was very cool.  Half of it was commissioned by someone in Italy and it was Dali's expression of Dante's Divine Comedy.  It was beautiful, but not what you think of when you think Dali.  Bearden was a 20th century artist from the South and African-American.  He was one of the first African-American artist known as an American artist who happened to be African-American.  This might not seem like a big deal, but it really is if you think about it.  This exhibit is a Smithsonian exhibit and their magazine had a great article about it a few months ago.  Very colorful and very expressive.  After the DMA we walked to the West End (6 or 7 blocks in 90 degree weather) and had lunch.  Then to the Nasher Sculpture Center.  Nasher was a private collector and every museum was trying to acquire his collection before he died.  Instead of selling it, he decided to build his own center.  It was very well presented and has a beautiful walking garden with sculptures outside.  The reason we went is because we are both Matisse fans and the Nasher collection has about 12 of his pieces.  He also owns about 15 Picasso's.  Absolutely wonderful.  It was a wonderful day and my sister and I had a great time.  We also didn't fight (of course, we didn't talk much either!).  It's nice that she enjoys doing these type of things with me.  We also found a really cute children's book at the Nasher center called When Pigasso met Mootisse.  When Phoenix gets older, maybe I'll get it for him.  Well today we, meaning my mom, sister, sister's boyfriend, Corinne and my nephew Phoenix, are all off to the Dallas World Aquarium.  I'll let you know how that is tomorrow.


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