Wednesday, July 21, 2004


The aquarium was really cool.  Phoenix really liked the otters and penguins and made friends with one of the birds.  I liked the aquarium, but it was a tad bit smaller than I expected.  We had a good time though.  I got to feed Phoenix lunch and then babysat him the rest of the day.  Babies sure wear you out.  Phoenix is starting to crawl, but he looks like an inchworm and is going to get carpet burns on his face if he doesn't figure out how to raise up his legs and arms at the same time.  Then we took a nap together.  Then we went swimming.  Phoenix loves to swim and to splash.  Both my brother and Corinne swam on swim teams, so water is this babies favorite medium.  Then we played some more.  Then I fed him some gross looking baby food.  Then a walk.  Then the rest of us had dinner.  Then we tried to get him to crawl for dad, but he wasn't interested.  But he sure is talking a lot, even if we have no idea what he is saying.  I think he's finally going down for the night.  I'm not far behind him!

We weren't supposed to babysit all day, but Corinne kind of disappeared.  She said she would be back in a few hours, but no one could find her, including my brother.  I have a feeling that after this Mexico trip things are going to go down between the two of them.  When Craig first told me she was pregnant, I offered to let them or just him and the baby, come live with me in Wisconsin.  I think I'm going to make that offer again.  I doubt my brother will take me up, but I do want him to know he has options.

anyway, tomorrow I am going to do more homework and get ready for Mexico.  I haven't been sleeping well since I got here and have had weird dreams/nightmares every night.  Hopefully tonight will be different.

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