Sunday, April 05, 2009

Scarlet Letter

A couple years ago, I found out that a former friend of mine, someone who I had hooked up with another friend, was a child molester. Specifically, he had molested my friend's daughter and niece. He and my friend divorced and he was convicted, but not given any jail time. Recently, he popped up on facebook. I knew that no one else knew what this man had done, and many of our mutual friends had children. I sent out a message to all of them, letting them know that he was a registered sex offender and even sent the URL so they could look it up. I was conflicted about this. My friend had told me she didn't want anyone else to know. However, these people had kids. And, I found out, he had contacted some of them and had forgotten to mention why he and my friend had gotten divorced. I had hoped he would have the decency to hide under a rock and stay there (although, I guess he had already proven he didn't have any decency). I hate being in this situation, but now, I know I can't ignore things like this. I have to protect my Navy Bean.

I'd rather spend my life with her than in jail for killing assholes.

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tbooty said...

I agree with your decision. I'm sure it was hard to go against your friends wishes to not let anyone know, but the kids have to be protected. I'd have done the same. Hope all is well with you guys!