Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I hear you crying and stumble out of bed. I put on my pajama bottoms and socks and a robe. I come into your room and see your little arms and legs pumping wildly, as if that would help me hear you. Even in the dark, I can see your smile when I pick you up.

I sit in the rocker and you quickly find what you're looking for. You curl your little body around mine. During the day, you're my big girl, but at night, you're still my tiny baby. You rest your plump little hand on my chest. I run my finger over it and marvel at how something so tiny can also be so chubby. I rub your fuzzy little head which is starting to sprout hair again. I grasp your chunky little legs and make sure they are warm.

Sometimes there is thunder.
Sometimes there is rain.
Sometimes there are even birds singing.
But usually, it is silent.

You detach and we switch sides. I'm amazed at how beautiful you are in the dark. When you are through eating, you stretch out and then rest your round cheek on my breast as you prepare to go back to sleep. I bring you up to my shoulder, where your fluffy, soft cheek rests against mine. I put my hand on the back of your tiny, silky head and I just cuddle you. I kiss your cheek and lay you down. You give me a sigh and a half smile, close your eyes, turn your head and go back to sleep.

I stumble back to bed, to sleep. But, this is my favorite time, when you and I are the only people in the world.


Jay said...

Awwww, too lovely.

Sandi said...

My reading, like yours, has suffered - I'm just now getting through some of my blog-reading. And this? Is so absolutely beautiful. And so right on.