Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The waiting game

Yesterday we met with the builder's representation for 3 hours! We went over everything and signed so much stuff I felt personally responsible for the deforestation of the US (I was told the loan stuff would be even worse). Now we're just playing the waiting game, to see if they accept our offer.
The Navy Bean amused herself by rolling over for the first time (back to front).

What the fireplace would look like, well, maybe not.
I think we got the slightly smaller one, but we get the marble.

Not our kitchen layout, but the same cabinets, appliances and (maybe) hardware.
We went with granite counter tops, which is good, because their laminate was super cheap looking.

Exactly what our house would look like (minus the bike).
I guess we would have to pick different colors though.
I sure hope we get it.

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