Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sick girl

I'm sick. With all the other crap going on, I failed to mention that since Saturday, I have felt under the weather. On Sunday, as Camille was desperately trying to reach me, my butt was in bed, asleep until 1:30pm. Yesterday the day started well, but by the afternoon, I was in bed again. Today, couldn't even get out of bed. And I'm a morning person. I feel like I have medicine head, but I haven't taken any medicine. It's sinus and ear pressure. I'm dizzy, disoriented and confused. All with a giant headache and I'm unable to breath. What more could you ask for in life? Oh, I know! A phone call at 7:30am from your favorite stalker! Yes, the situation with Dee, even though I have told her straight up that I can only handle social situations in small doses, still calls everyday. When she called this morning, I told her not to call me before 9:00am. She's wants me to house-sit for her tomorrow while she's at work because she's having some work done on the house. I told her to call me back. I can't drive. There's no way I could drive that far. I'm afraid to tell her that though, because I'm afraid she would kidnap me and take me to her house to "take care" of me.

The best part of this, I know to expect much more sickness than normal this winter. When I moved to Madison I was sick almost constantly for the first two years. The doctor said it was because I had moved and I wasn't used to all the viruses and bacteria there. Since I've never even been on this side of the country before (and I had been born in MN, which isn't all that far from WI), I except to feel crappy a lot. Ahhhh!!! How nice!!! Hope everyone else is feeling much better than me.


Bart's Camille said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. Tell Dee you're sorry but you are not feeling great and that you just need some time TO YOURSELF to rest, etc. That lady has issues. Don't let her suck you in.

Queen of Ass said...

Not particularly, no. I hate this part of fall.

nadia said...

i'm sick, too. but still excited to see what little miss crazypants will pull next!

Jay said...

Wow, maybe you need to stop answering the phone, or let the machine pick up or something....and then, get better.

Whimspiration said...

You poor thng. Take some GSE, oreagano oil (in capsules!), zinc, echinacea & goldenseal (again, in capsules, the stuff tasted horrid!) and some elderberry extract to get better faster. (health food stores will be able to tell you what they all are, and how they can help)

You can help prevent allergies with local honey every day as well. *smile*

Get well soon!