Monday, May 29, 2006

And the packing continues

While most of you are enjoying your day off, I'm going to be packing up the rest of the kitchen, and then, heading to the library to check out a ton of books, most of them in Russian, so I can work on my dissertation proposal. I'm also having coffee with a friend (ok, not coffee, probably tea: I hate coffee). I've also already cleaned the bathroom this morning and translated a Russian book for an hour (it takes me about an hour to directly translate a page: I need to use several Russian language books and articles for my dissertation proposal, which is due in Aug. Does anyone else see the problem here?). Friday I carried as much stuff as I could from my basement storage unit to my apartment. Saturday, I know I did stuff, I just don't remember what. And I met a friend for drinks and a little window shopping. I'm sure going to miss her. Yesterday, I packed up more than half the kitchen. Today I want to finish it and start wiping out the cabinets. I also had tea and desserts with some friends yesterday. That was a blast. We're all in the history department, so we dished the dirt. I'm going to miss those girls too. Good-byes are so sad.

In other breaking Navy news: the Navy already hates me. How do I know this? Well, Wes called me on Friday to let me know that due to a schedule change he may not be able to make it next weekend. He is currently begging and pleading with everyone who likes him (which is apparently everyone in the Navy: it must be me they don't like). We're going to pretend that everything will be fine. EXCEPT: he also has the flu and pink eye in both eyes, which is highly contagious. Why would this affect anything? Well, if you took off sick for a week and then requested a week of vacation, do you think your boss would give it to you? I guess we'll find out. Or else there may be a boat where everyone has pink eye. How much fun would that be?

Well, I need to get to packing. I hope everyone enjoys their day off and please take a moment to remember those who have died for us and our country.

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Clarity25 said...

Goodbye's are sad, but it always leads to new beginnings. Good luck with all your packing, Stacia