Friday, June 02, 2006

Wes is coming tomorrow!!!

This is what my apartment looks like right now.
Wes is coming tomorrow. I'm not exactly stressed, but I'm a little overwhelmed. First, I have to finish packing stuff and cleaning today and changing addresses etc. I have a ton of stuff I had wanted to sell but haven't. I've decided to take it all to goodwill because I really don't want to pack it all and then just have it sit at the new place. After seeing my grandparents, I don't want that experience in my own place any time soon. Besides, I'm out of boxes.

Wes is getting here tomorrow. I knew this day would come, where I would move and we would really be "married" but I didn't expect it to happen this quickly. And, I realized I married someone who since 1999 I have seen, in person, a total of 2 months. Since we've been married, I've seen him 10 days. Now, I don't regret my decision and I am happy with the direction my life it taking, but it will definitely be filed under, "yes, your father and I did something stupid, but we're not going to let you do that!" Kind of like my parents. My mom was 21, divorced, with a three year old (me) and my dad was a 19 year old freshman in college who wanted to be a professional drummer. They eloped after dating less than 6 months and moving across the country together. His best friend gave them, at most, 10 years. Next year will be their thirtieth wedding anniversary. So, why do we consider stuff like this stupid? We all know at least one person who dated someone for 5 years, got married and quickly divorced. I guess it all depends on your commitment and the circumstances.

But, I now am confronted by the fact that not only am I now a wife, I am a "military" wife. I'm also a step-mom. Marriage alone is a big step. Add those other two facts and my life is about to completely change. Let the adventures begin.

So I had all this funny stuff I was going to post, but apparently my brain is only funny in the car, so I can't really remember anything. I hope everyone has a great weekend. The next time I post, I will be living in Virginia Beach!!!


Beth said...

Good luck with your move Stacia! I must say, your place looks in a LOT better shape than mine was during my move! You are so organized! And good luck as you embark on your new life as "military" wife/step-mom!

Bart's Camille said...

I'm excited for you girl. Just take it one step at a time. Everything is going to work out just fine. I love you girlie! You've done such a good job.

Jay said...

Marriage is a tough hill to climb, but it sounds like you have a good and realistic attitude. Your strange circumstances just make your love story more unique. I wish you well, I think you're in for a lot of fun ahead.