Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'm here!!!

Well, the guys who came over to help Wes packed up the truck managed to pack everything in my apartment in less than 2 hours. I think it's because I had packed and organized everything so well. We left Sunday morning and drove until we reached the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. Once we got out of Illinois, I had never been in any of these states, until we reached Maryland. Indiana and Ohio look like Minnesota and Wisconsin, except with more trees and fewer cows. I even saw a few live deer. Pennsylvania is beautiful. Absolutely amazing. I do have a few pictures taken along the way, but I'm not sure where my camera is right now. We got here about 6:15p on Monday. Tuesday we did a lot of running around for errands and we unloaded the entire truck except for the piano. We put all the furniture where we wanted it (most of it upstairs) and everything else in the garage. Yesterday, we started unpacking. At one point, Wes looked at me and stated that he had just realized that I had more stuff than him. Duh!!! I unpacked almost all of my books yesterday, the masterbath and some of the kitchen stuff. Wes hadn't finished unpacking from when he moved, so he did that. We will have a lot of stuff we still need to go through and organize, but right now, we just want everything to go somewhere. And, I don't remember where I put the bolts for my bed, which is now going to be the kids bed. Hope I find those soon. Last night, a friend of ours (and Charley's) came over and helped unload the piano. Today we're going to take the truck back, go see a movie, run a few more errands, and go out to eat. You need a break every now and then. Well, just wanted to let you know the move went well, and things are going really, really good. Hope you are all well.

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Bart's Camille said...

I don't know why the thought just occurred to me that if he screws up I will take a baseball bat to both of his knees. But, other than that fleeting thought, I feel really great about this for you. I am so thrilled that you are beginning this new volume of your life (so much more than a chapter, you know?). Glad you're settled in. Call when you can. Give Wes my best (and don't tell him about the baseball bat - that will be our little secret ;o)).