Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Come again?

I'm exhausted. How do moms get anything productive done? And by productive, I mean something that isn't going to have to be repeated again within 3 days. Laundry doesn't count, dishes really don't count, cooking, doesn't count, screaming at the kids, definitely doesn't count, banging my head on the wall, nope, that doesn't count either. They are good kids and for the most part, if I tell them something, they do it, if I tell them no, they don't complain (but they do ask again in 15 minutes). But, they talk constantly, can't be left alone (this one I can't figure out: as a child I would go in my room and read for hours), and love to emit high-pitched whining noises that will eventually make my head explode. However, they have quit screaming at each other in the morning. Wes told them if they didn't knock it off there would be hell to pay. They obviously believed him. But children are so weird. Like, if you tried to flip your breakfast spoon, with milk, over once to put it in your mouth and it didn't work, why would you try it again with cereal on it?

Things I miss about being childless:
being able to wake up in the morning at my own pace and deciding if I want to check my e-mail before breakfast.
Walking around naked and not having to check to make sure the door is locked.
Being able to read without being interrupted.
Listening to loud music with offensive and suggestive lyrics.
Having sex that lasts longer than 15 minutes.
Having enough energy to have sex that lasts longer than 15 minutes (there's something wrong when as newlyweds you argue over who has to be on top because neither one of you have enough energy to do it: I should add that I won because we all know that men will do anything for sex).
Being able to have a full conversation with my husband without being interrupted.
Being able to watch TV.
Being able to go to bed when I want.
Having a completely silent house.

I think that's it for now. I'm sure there are others, but this will do.


Beth said...

"How do moms get anything productive done?" --> after spending two weeks with my sister and my 19 month old neice, I was asking myself the exact same question!

"I should add that I won because we all know that men will do anything for sex" --> I am rolling on the floor laughing right now, because this is SOOOOO true!

Bart's Camille said...

yep... welcome to my world. you're doing great though!

Nadia said...

hang in there baby. you just made me smile, so that was productive for, you know, me.