Monday, June 12, 2006

Two steps forward, trip over a box

This is Chicago. The traffic was really, really slow. Which was actually good because I'm not used to driving in traffic anymore.

This was my view (the truck) for most of the drive. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken in Pennsylvania

Ok, I know that nothing is in focus, but look how brightly colored those flowers are!!! This is Maryland.

This will be a killer week. Wes will be at sea all week. I will not see him again until Saturday, and when he gets home, we go pick up the kids. Welcome to my new life!

Yesterday I spent hours getting the master bedroom into shape. My desk is in here, and I need to unpack my dissertation stuff so I can start working on it. So I cleaned and put away and vacuumed and stuff. I even cleaned the masterbath. It look really good. And then I brought up two boxes labeled "desk". Can someone please explain to me how two small boxes need a desk the size of my entire master bedroom? Although, I am glad I organized and cleaned before I brought them up here. Today, that's all I'm doing: getting my desk in shape. Oh, and going to the store to pick up cards for father's day. And laundry. And I really should wash the kitchen floor. And I need to e-mail about 10 people. And I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed.

I was having a freak out morning. I've moved half-way across the country to be with someone I have not spent all that much "real" time with. I don't have a job and don't have qualifications (yet) to get a good paying job. I don't know the area. I don't have any friends. I was starting to feel really, really scared. What if things don't work out and fall apart quickly? What do I do? What if Wes starts making outrageous demands, like my ex-husband, and I can't do them and he throws me out? Irrational fears, I know. We've gotten along great. We get along great. It will be fine. Then I got a phone call. From one of the other navy wives. She just wanted to welcome me to the area and knew that I was a new navy wife and if I needed anything, to just give her a call. She was very friendly. And I felt much better when I got off the phone. I also went to church yesterday. Wes was at work, so I went by myself. I didn't meet anyone, but they have women's groups, so I can meet people there too. I do have a lot to do (unpack, clean, write a dissertation proposal, buy a wedding dress, get invitations, get a photographer, you know, little stuff like that), but it's going to be ok. I even took stuff up to the attic all by myself (I'm afraid of ladders). It will be ok.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of here yet. We haven't left the house all that much yet. I hope everyone is doing well and not having irrational fears like me!
(Every time I type in masterbath as one word the spell check always wants to replace it with masterbate. I just thought that was funny.)


Bart's Camille said...

It's going to be okay. If he starts acting like the ex, pack what you can carry and drive home immediately. (Home is where I am! :o) I think all will be well. I love you. Deep breaths!

Queen of Ass said...

Sugar, we're all rooting for you. It's going to be fabulous. He's wonderful, and he's NOT your ex. They are NOT one in the same. And you always have places to go.