Monday, May 08, 2006

Why do they hate me so?

The phone in my TA office rang today. It never rings and it's almost never for anyone in my office (all the TA offices share one line), but for some reason I answered it. I wish I hadn't. One of my committee members forgot he is going to be out of town tomorrow which makes an oral defense really difficult. Thus, it's been rescheduled for Wednesday. It's just a pain in the ass. I wanted to feel like that part was done and move on. The professor did, however, promise me a beer to make up for it. My advisor is finally back in town. She said my pre-lim essays were strong and mentioned a few things about what she would ask me about during my orals. Of course, I don't know any of it, but I guess I now have an extra day to figure it out (does anyone know about Russian historians: I mean the ones who live in Russia, not just study Russia). Anywho. She also asked me how my summer plans (ie, trip to Russia) were going. Um. . . . kind of on hold. But, I just checked expedia a minute ago, and the prices are still cheap, so maybe I'll still make it. Boy, this is going to be a busy summer.

Anyway, I was going to post picture of the hot-pink wig, but now I'm in a foul mood, so you'll just have to wait!

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