Friday, May 26, 2006

Tidalwave Tour

Every since I got back from my grandparents I've been seeing someone everyday. I'm leaving sooner than I expected, so I have a lot of goodbyes to say more quickly than I anticipated. It has also been raining. Alot and often. Wednesday night I was going to go out with Venus. It had been cloudy all day, but nice. At 6:15p I took a shower (I'd been packing boxes all day) and when I got out, I noticed it had gotten pretty dark outside. At 6:30p the wind started to pick up. At 6:35 God declared his anger and opened up the heavens. The radio interrupted whatever song it was playing to tell everyone we had a severe thunderstorm watch and to stay inside. At 6:45p Venus called: from outside my apartment. I live in a low-lying area. My skirt is supposed to be all one color. You see the dark grey at the bottom? That's because in the 10 minutes it had been raining, the water was already several inches above the gutter. It was mid-calf. When I got into the car, I was soaked. And we just laughed and laughed. By the time we got to the restaurant, it wasn't raining as hard. Within ten minutes, the sun was back out. That's ok. We had margaritas and ate and talked (we stayed so long they started turning the lights off) then came back here and kept talking. Out of all my friends here, I think I'm going to miss Venus the most (well, and my other friend Tiffany too). But I know our friendship will continue with e-mail and things like that.

Last night I went out with my other friend Meegan. Today I have lunch plans. Tomorrow night I'm going out for drinks. Sunday I'm having tea with a couple of people. Monday it's coffee. Tuesday night dinner with a group of friends and I still have 3 people I'm waiting to hear back from. At least I don't have to worry about buying groceries and not finishing them! I hate good-byes though. I'm not really that good at them. I have loved my time here, but it's time to move on to a somewhat different phase of my life. School will still be a big part of it, always will, but now I have a husband and step-kids too. It's about time.

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Queen of Ass said...

it's always so weird to leave some place you've gotten used to. BUT, you've got something so much better you're going to!