Thursday, May 11, 2006

I passed

and I'm pissed. Two of my committee members asked good questions and prompted me when I needed it. They even helped me out when the questions from the other members flustered me. Two of committee members asked me questions beyond the scope of my pre-lim lists. That really pissed me off. But I passed and I'm over it. Time to move on. I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow to discuss dissertation stuff. I've got to get that out of the way. I hope she doesn't yell at me about my orals. But, the graduate advisor for the department said that the professors told him my written exams were very strong. So that's probably what saved me. And it's over. Moving on.

The navy won't move me. We have never lived together to therefore, this is not his stuff and they won't move it. If we had lived together before we got married they would move it, because then it would be his stuff too, but not just because we're married. Makes total sense. So if you see me at the side of the road with a piano and 100 boxes of books, please have mercy and pick me up.

The students are taking their final today. I will then grade like mad because I'm leaving on Saturday for my grandparents house, where my parents will be also. That will be nice.

Ok, I need to get stuff ready, like, myself. Hope everyone is feeling just a little bit better than I am.


Beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS STACIA!!! That is such a major accomplishment! You should be very proud! I hope you have a little time to go out and celebrate! =)

Queen of Ass said...

Yippee! Go spend some time with your family!

minnie said...

congrats! sorry i've been out of touch. i'm so happy for you!!