Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where's Stacy?

I just took a test about where I should live. Here are the results.
Test Results

Emotional Stability




50%Your sloan type is SLOANYour primary type is Organized
You are moderately social, moderately moody, organized, moderately accommodating, and moderately intellectual, and may prefer a city which matches those traits.
The largest representation of your personality type can be found in the these U.S. cities: Charlotte, Harrisburg, Cleveland, Memphis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Richmond, Philadelphia Area, Greenville/Spartanburg, Reno, Indianapolis and these international countries/regions Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Taiwan, Iceland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Portugal, Philippines, India, Guam, Canada, England, Indonesia, Japan

The most ironic thing about this: Dallas /Fort Worth are listed. I hate Dallas. I lived there for 14 years. I should, however, add that I did take advantage of the museums, Shakespeare in the Park, zoos, Symphonies (on occasion) and other intellectual things. And as far as the International countries, as all Russian historians know, the Ukraine is technically part of Russia, so therefore, that would be my first choice.

So, the birthday went fine. Received lots of cards, phone calls, and e-mails. My father-in-law sent me a beautiful card about how happy he was that I was a part of the family and how he can't wait to get to know me better. My husband sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and said that I also have a gift waiting for me when I visit. He also said he'll make me a cake when I get there. Overall, the day went well.

Ok, ton of stuff to do before pre-lims. That's going to be my new mantra.

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Queen of Ass said...

I'm so glad you had a good birthday! And so sad I wasn't here for it. (Work's been crazy enough that I haven't visited Blogland for a few days.)

Happy belated, Sugar!