Monday, March 13, 2006


I am currently in VA with my husband. I feels nice to be able to write that! But, the trip here, it's always an ordeal. First, my first flight was late. A hour and a half late. I only had a hour and a half layover. When our flight finally made it to the airport, the flight attendant announced that all people with no connecting flights should stay seated. Half the plane stood up. While we were still moving. It took them forever to get us in a spot and then to open the door (15 minutes). Thankfully, I was in row 6, aisle seat. But some college age girl started screaming: get out of my way, I have a flight I have to catch!!! We all responded: so do we. She kept screaming. Seriously. But, I'm pretty sure she missed her flight, since it was supposed to leave 15 minutes before we landed. I had to book it to my next flight. They scanned my ticket, told me to run to the plane and then shut the door right behind me. I pretty much slept the entire way, happy that I had made my flight. When we landed in VA, they asked that we stay seated for several extra minutes. Then an air marshal and two policemen got on board and arrested the man sitting across the row from me. The guy sitting next to me said this man had also been on his flight from Germany, and had caused problems. We forgot to watch the local news to see if it said anything about it. But, since I had barely made it to the plane in time, my luggage hadn't, so we had to go back to the airport at midnight to get my suitcase from the next flight. At least it was there.

Saturday, we drove to NC to visit his kids. Wes's son had a soccer game. He was really good. Then we took the kids out to eat. They (and his ex) don't know that we're married yet. Since we're still planning on having a ceremony in the fall, we'll just let them think that is it. The kids were great and we had a good time. When we drove them home they kept pointing out all the houses that were for sale, so they could just walk over to visit us every day. I only wish it were that easy.

Yesterday, we went to church. The church Wes goes to is right across the street, and the weather was beautiful, so we just walked. I liked it, although, I always have a hard time making friends, so the thought of meeting new people scares me. The rest of the day, we did some shopping, and just hung out, watched TV and eat. It was wonderful to just be able to hang out. And to have sex. I think it's going to be a good week.

I found out I passed my Russian reading exam. However, my advisor kept telling me I would receive funding through the department to go to Russia this summer. Lately she hasn't said anything about it. I need to e-mail her to find out, because if I'm not going to Russia, I would move here sooner. Wes is working this entire week, and you should see how much work I brought. I really need to get it all done too. It's going to be a busy week, but at least I get to spend it with my husband.


Queen of Ass said...

That's fantastic, sugar! I know you two have needed some time together, if only for your peace of mind!

minnie said...

yay! i'm so glad you 2 get to spend some time together. glad you were able to get there all in one piece, even if you had to go back for your clothes. =)

and thanks. it's nothing 2 shots of jaeger and an ambien can't fix. (kidding, sorta. only did that once.)