Thursday, March 23, 2006


Let the backlash begin! The students have their mid-terms. If you were on campus today, you would have heard a collective groan of disappointment followed by a passionate war-cry to KILL THE TA! I told the students they had to wait 24 hrs before they could contact me to complain about their grade. I've already heard from 3 students. We'll see how many that is by tomorrow morning. The smart ones hung their heads in shame at their collective stupidity. The rest had utterly confused looks on their faces, wondering how they could have possibly gotten such bad grades, especially when they mentioned Russia three times on their mid-term. Nevermind that they didn't know actually anything about Russia, except that I study it and therefore, if they mentioned it that should get them brownie points. And I fully expect at least one student to come argue with me about whether or not there was a proletariat revolution in nineteenth century Europe. Oh, these poor young students. They're starting to make me excited about visiting the highly unorganized, non-catalogued, never open when they're supposed to be, no heat, no air-conditioner, no toilet-paper, no English, no nothing, Russian archives. I love being a TA.

Pre-lims start April third. I still have about 20 books I need to read. I'm hoping to get through those this weekend. I met with the history graduate advisor about the process today. It sounds ok. I'm ready. I'm not even close to being ready. I think the pre-lims will be stressful, but I shouldn't have a huge problem with them. The issue will be my dissertation proposal, which I haven't officially started yet. I need to get one that. Like, a month ago. And I really need to figure out when my research trip is going to be, because I need to buy my plane ticket and start my visa process. Because that only takes forever. I'm exhausted but feel like there's too much to do. I love being a graduate student.

And, I've had three sty's on my left eye since March 5th. I went to the doctor today, because I have never had any eye problems. They're so useful. Let's just say, I'm thankful that health insurance covered it, because it was a waste of time. Although, she did prescribe me an eye cream in case it swells up again. I hope I don't have to use it.

ok, I want to go to bed, but I have to finish this book first. I also have 67 papers I have to grade (not tonight, this weekend). I hope they're better than the mid-terms.

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