Saturday, January 21, 2006

Week one

The first week of the semester is over. It went well, I guess. I got to see everyone and show off my ring. Everyone thinks it's beautiful. I met my students. One of the (four) classes I teach is at 8:50 in the morning. I have 18 students, and 14 of them are freshman. Only one student in that class is a history major. I'm sure this will be my favorite class ever (heavy, dripping, thick sarcasm). I have a ton of freshman. I told them that if they want good grades they have to do the work and come to class because if they didn't and then whined about a bad grade I would seriously hurt them. I'm sure they were thrilled with me. But, I didn't get much work done this week. This weekend, I'm going to plan everything and write everything on my calendar. Pre-lims start on April 3rd. That means I have to read all those books on those previously published lists and there was one list I still haven't posted because it's really, really long. I'm also still working on an incomplete, but that should be finished by the end of January. That leaves 2 months to finish all that reading. I can do it. Why? Because I have no social life. Oh, wait, I meant: Because I am amazing. Actually, this is when it's good that Wes isn't here. That leaves me lots of time to study.

Speaking of Wes, one of my friends asked me if we were going to start a family right away. This really bothered me. Was she commenting about my age (31) and therefore, the fact that my biological clock must be loud (it's not)? Turns out, that no, that's not what she meant. Had more to do with her current relationship problem and what she wanted out of it, than what I want out of mine. But I realized I should probably brace myself for all those busybodies who are going to ask about our reproductive plans (we're going to go to the mall and steal the cutest kid we see). Now you know and you don't have to ask.

Alright, got to get to all those books. Hope everyone has a happy weekend. If you're bored, let me know and I'll let you read some books for me ;)

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