Friday, January 13, 2006

Spring semester

Classes start on Tuesday. I am so unprepared. I have to meet with the professor I'm TAing for this semester. There will be three TAs because it's one of those large history courses that all liberal arts majors have to take. Since my Ph.D. is technically in Modern European history, this is a good course for me to TA because I will probably end up teaching something similar someday (if I ever get out of here). But I wanted to get a lot of other school related stuff done over winter break. I have a paper to finish that was due two years ago (and yet I'm a hardass about students turning in late stuff). I wanted to really read a lot of Russian language stuff. I wanted to read a ton of stuff for my pre-lims. I wanted to work on the syllabus I have to write as part of my pre-lim process. I wanted to begin working on my dissertation proposal. I didn't get any of it done. First there was that killer sinus infection. Then Christmas and a ton of family and friends. Then that stomach bug. Then the cold from hell. Then the trip to my grandparents. Once I got home, I cleaned and organized. I did start the rough draft for that overdue paper. So far I have 5 pages (I think the paper was supposed to be 20-25 pages). I will have it finished before the end of January. It's a crappy paper, but at least it will be done. I'm trying not to feel stressed out, but it's not working all that well.

Wes is also stressed and frustrated. He is currently working 16 hour days. He hasn't had time to do anything at home. He feels like he's not getting time with his kids. He can't check out wedding spots. And he's usually so tired when he gets home that we talk for less than a half hour before he collapses. He says next week should be the last week like this. I hope so. He starts classes soon too. Unfortunately, he will be at sea during my spring break. That really sucks. But, he should find out today if he gets a couple of weeks in September off. If the answer is yes, I think that will at least put him in a better mood. I know that most of his frustration comes from the fact that I'm not there. Just a little while longer and then I will be.

Thank God for Andrea. She is my matron of honor, and she got married this past summer, so she knows what she is doing. She sends me stuff everyday and has given me some great ideas. I ordered a couple of invitation catalogs yesterday and have started e-mailing places about the wedding and reception. Once school starts, a lot of this will have to be put on hold. I guess that's ok.

I put all my Christmas pictures up on-line yesterday. If anybody is interested, let me know, and I'll e-mail you the link. They're mostly of my nephew and Wes and I. There's some really cute ones of my nephew. He's just adorable!

Alright, it's almost 10 and I haven't done any school stuff yet. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Queen of Ass said...

Tuesday's the day for me too. UGH!

Send me the link! I wanna see!

minnie said...

send me the link missy!

glad you're feeling better. sorry my email is still being wacky so i can't respond to comments right now. damn yahoo!