Tuesday, January 17, 2006

center pieces

This is what my sister made me for Christmas. If you can't see them, they say faith, hope and love (it's a Bible verse). She chose those colors because Matisse is my favorite artist. (About five years ago I took her to an exhibit of Matisse and Picasso; thankfully she enjoyed it: it made me feel like a successful big sister). When I got them to my apartment, I looked at them, and liked them so much, that I called her and asked her to make a bunch to be the center pieces at my reception. They will be different sizes and fall colors instead, but they will still say faith, hope and love on them. The best thing, it's about a fourth of the cost of my budget for the center pieces. And, they can double as the wedding favors. I think we'll fill them with real fall leaves and maybe some seed packets or something. My sister is so excited that I asked her to do it, and I have one less thing to worry about.

Thank God school has started!!! Why? Not because I enjoy the stress and the uncomfortable library chairs, which I think are still the originals bought in the 1890s, but because it brings structure to my life. And I need structure. And it's not just me. All the graduate students I talked said the same thing. The strange part: I'm actually only in class 10 hours a week. But, that gets me to campus, and then I stay for 6 to 8 hours a day doing all the other stuff I need to do. Tomorrow I meet my new students. I can't wait. (that last part was utter sarcasm)

I guess that is actually it right now. I was hoping to go shopping yesterday, but I twisted my knee on Sunday, and could barely walk yesterday. Thankfully, it was sore today, but I could walk. Now, it's feeling much better, but I still can't do stairs. I hope it's completely better soon, because I wanted to start swimming this week.

hope everyone is healthy and happy.


minnie said...

those favors are awesome! your sis did such a good job. glad that you feel you're getting back into the swing of things. hope all is well with you.

Clarity25 said...

Those are beautiful Flowerpots. I love the colors she chose and the artist she was inspired by. Sorry to hear that you twisted your ankle, but I'm glad you're healing.

Queen of Ass said...

Those are adorable!

School started for me too. BLEH.