Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Lazy Summer Daze

Even though I should be working on my paper, the paper I must finish in order to get a TA position this fall, all I can do is think about the Raw Youth. Thankfully I'm almost finished reading it. It appears to be a combination of Notes from the Underground and the Idiot. But it accurately describes the insecurities of being a young adult trying to prove to everyone that you are an adult and not just a moron. I for one know I went through that stage and did some pretty stupid, life altering things to prove that I was a grown up. In hindsight, all I proved was that I was a moron.

But the paper is coming along nicely. There's been a few snags, but nothing I can't overcome. Spent the morning in the library and then lunch with a friend. So far, the day has been pretty good. I plan on finishing Raw Youth tonight and then will be able to more fully concentrate on the Jewish policy in the USSR.


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