Tuesday, March 03, 2009


This picture makes me laugh, and I really need to laugh today.

I have the hiccups. Which sucks, because I was going to take a nap, but you can't really do that with the hiccups. Anyway, I turned 35 on Sunday and the day absolutely sucked. Wes was really sick and Navy Bean refused to take a morning nap. Instead, she pretty much screamed all morning. Wes couldn't help because he was knocked out on cold medicine and I really don't want the baby sick anyway. And it was rainy and cold. To top it all off, I think Wes gave me his cold. I'm feeling pretty crappy myself today. I made myself chicken soup for lunch and I'm drinking lots of liquids. I'm trying not to touch Navy Bean's hands or kiss her too much, but that's about impossible. So far though, she seems to feel fine. Let's hope that sticks.
Do you know how nice our bank account looked when our tax return and Wes's paycheck hit it the same day? Too bad it's already gone. But, we have been responsible parents and set up 529's for Navy Bean and the other two kids. We figure we'll get enough to pay for 2 years of community college for the older two and hopefully enough to pay for four years for the Navy Bean (4 years at a state school). And I think we're going to start contributing to my IRA's on a monthly basis. Like a whopping $25 a month. Hey, anything is better than nothing and with the stock market on some serious clearance sales, now is the time to invest. We should have all of the x's credit card debt paid off by Sep. Then, we just have to start paying down my student loans. My car is more than 10 years old and has more than 100,000 miles on it, so we'll probably be buying a new car next winter. We're hoping car sales are still slumping then, so we can get a good deal. But this looks like it'll be a decent financial year for us. When Wes and I married, he had about $65,000.00 in credit card debt (yes, you read that right). And we will have managed to pay it all off in 3 1/2 years. What really sucks, that would have made a great down payment on a house. After a new car for me, that's the next big purchase, if the Navy keeps us here for more than 5 years. Well, the hiccups are gone. I'm going to take a nap.

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