Monday, March 09, 2009

Get outside!

The weather is beautiful. It was in the 70s on Sat. and yesterday it got up to 85 degrees. Absolutely beautiful. Wes and I took the Navy Bean to the park. Ok, she slept through the park. We just wanted to get outside and Wes owed me for such a crappy birthday. And, utter excitement, I identified a new bird! I haven't had many chances to go birding, so that was very exciting. It was just nice to get out of the house. Today is also beautiful, but I have a long list of stuff to do, so I'm just going to open all the windows and look out them a lot.

I'm feeling better and the Navy Bean never got sick! Go breastfeeding!!! This is Wes's last week of school and then he has two weeks off. Since I was sick last week, the house is kind of disgusting, so this week I will clean. Next week, Wes will do the stuff I couldn't. My parents and grandma are visiting the week after that. I'm very excited about that. Victor becomes a boyscout next week, so I'm thinking maybe we'll stay in Raleigh a couple of days and do some sightseeing. The only time I've ever been there was to visit the kids. And it is the capital, and I do love history. I don't know, we'll see.

Well, I should try to get some stuff done while the Navy Bean is sleeping. Like, unpack my summer clothes!

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